Nendoroid Wishlist

Mikatan’s blog has new pictures of Black Gold Saw nendoroid;

This nendoroid is now available for pre-order, AmiAmi has it for only 2600 yen, I’m definitely going for it!

Good Smile Company needs to stop making cute nendoroids, my wishlist of must have nendoroids is growing, and there is no end in sight (which bodes ill for my wallet):

Black Gold Saw, # date 04/2011

Ayasaki Hayate, #131, date 12/2010

Saber Lion, #50, date 12/2008

Itoshiki Nozomu, #58, date 3/2009

Yoko Littner, #53, date 2/2009

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Play Arts Riku review

Riku is a character from Kingdom Hearts and all the other associated games. This is a game that combines elements from Final Fantasy and Disney. I haven’t actually played much of the game so I don’t know much about the character other than that he is Sora’s (the main character) best friend. I really like the character design, so when I saw this figure at ToysRUs for $20, I couldn’t resist. This figure is part of the Play arts Kingdom Hearts line, and is produced by Square Enix.

Sculpt: 9/10

For a play arts, this is an amazing sculpt. He’s quite buff, his clothes are detailed, his face looks just right. The hair is a bit smooth and not as detailed as some other play arts hair, but that may be because of the more cartoon-ish style of the character.He is not as tall as some of the Final Fantasy Play Arts but since he is supposed to be a teenager (?) that is fine. One hand has a peg in it that fits into a hole in the sword, this isn’t a tight fit so the sword falls out fairly easily.

Accessories: 5/10

Well he does not come with a stand, but he stands just fine on his own. This may be due to his large Mickey Mouse like feet. He comes with a sword that is shaped like  a bats wing, andtwo extra hands.

Painting: 10/10

This figure has some amazingly clean paint. Unlike some other figures, there’s really no shading on his clothes, the colors are solid. There were no bleeds anywhere. The eyes also look very real and have good shading.


Packaging: 10/10

Typical Play arts box. It has a flap at the top, circle tape closing it. There is a window in the front through which the figure can be seen, and the back has a picture of the figure in the middle, and some pictures of other figures in the series.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Overall, this is a very fun figure. It doesn’t even matter that it did not come with a lot of accessories. This figure is very pose-able, it seems more pose-able than some of the other play arts, but it has the same number of joints? His clothes don’t get in the way of posing, so maybe thats it. He can sit down, his arms are also very movable. I would say this is a must for any kingdom hearts or Riku fan.

He just wants to be loved!

(the figure did not come with the chain and key =P)

Riku vs Mickey!

On a personal note, I think Riku is Sephiroth’s illegitimate child (in the KH universe at least). They have the same color hair, the same exact eyes, the same disposition, similar personalities, and Riku never mentions having parents on the Island at the beginning of KH. He constantly talks about not belonging…you decide 😉