Takara Miyuki Nendoroid Review

Takara Miyuki is one of the main characters in the anime Lucky Star. I have only seen one episode of this anime, and it seems to be a comedic slice of life type story. Miyuki seems to be an intelligent, clumsy, and polite girl. I bought the nendoroid of this character simply because it looked adorable (and the only reason I started watching the anime is because of the toy). This was my very first nendoroid and started an unfortunate (for my wallet) addiction.

This toy is produced by Good Smile Company, and is nendoroid #55b standard version.  The sculptor is Abe Masato, and it was released in 03/09. I got this toy at a local anime shop for $42 last spring.

Packaging: 10/10

This box is bright yellow, which seems to fit well with the characters cheerful personality. The box has a large viewing window in the front and an eyecatching design of stars across it. The inside of the box is a dark orange which give a nice color contrast. On the back of the box is a large AAA sticker, some pictures of the nendoroid, and information.

Sculpting: 7/10

I find this nendoroid absolutely adorable, and a good chibi adaptation of the character. However, compared to the newer nendoroids, this one has strange stubby legs, face plates that are not compatible with any other nendoroid that I currently own, and the pieces do not fit together as well as on the newer ones. On the upside, the facial expressions are really cute, and the glasses look better than any other toy glasses I’ve seen. They are thinner than most other toy glasses.

Painting: 9/10

While the sculpting may have been subpar compared to the newer nendoroids, the painting seems to have less flaws. This may be due to the fact that there are less small details on this figure to mess up, or maybe quality control was better a year ago? The hair has some slight shading differences, nothing too dramatic, and there are no bleeds in the paint. There is also no other dirt on the paint. There just isn’t much to this figure color wise, so not much to screw up. The purple eyes on the main face plate are quite striking and detailed.

Poseability: 8/10

The nendoroid has a bunch of different poses, there are bent arms, straight arms, a sitting position, and a standing position. She can also hold her bag. Compared to other action figures such as play arts or figma, she’s not very poseable. Compared to other nendoroids her poseability is average.

Stand/Base: 3/10

It is a clear nendoroid base that goes under the skirt, it does not hold her up very well. It does not hold the skirt tightly, she is just balanced on it, she falls off of it very easily!

Accessories: 8/10

This nendoroid come with 2 faceplates, some extra arms, a sitting body, a bag, and a chair.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This was my first nendoroid and is still one of my favorites because she is just too adorable. Her pink hair causes her to stick out on my shelf, and is one of the toys that gets noticed the most when people look at my nendoroid shelf.


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