Arawn Nendoroid Review

I can honestly say, I know absolutely nothing about this character other than that he is from Tears to Tiara which is a Japanese fantasy rpg. At least I found a reference picture of the character:

I bought the nendoroid at Akon 21 for $40 because it looked adorable. This is nendoroid #79, produced by Good Smile Company, scultped by Ito Reiichi and nendoron, and was originally released 10/2009.

I thought for this review, I would try a different style. Instead of giving each aspect of the figure an arbitrary score of 1-10, I thought I would just talk about the aspects of the figure and maybe give it just an overall score. Let me know which method is better or more helpful…

The nendoroid Arawn comes in typical nendoroid packaging (square box with a certain color theme, a frontal viewing window, and pictures of the toy on the back). Nothing new here.

This nendoroid really excels when it comes to accessories. He comes with 2 extra face plates, extra hands and arms, a sword and sheath, a red scarf, and an apple. Knowing nothing about the character, I can’t say that these are character appropriate accessories or that they allow recreation of favorite scenes, but they are cute accessories. His accessories allow for a variety of different poses to be made.

The sculpt on this nendoroid is also cute (forgive me for over-using this word). The hair looks just like it does in the reference picture, however the coat looks more like a dress on the nendoroid than a coat. This is probably because the coat is closed in front. The coat also has a little hole in the side, into which the sword sheath can be inserted. The scarf is sculpted as if it is blowing in the wind and the apple has a bite in it, which make the toy more dynamic. The faceplates are my favorite part of this nendoroid; he has a plain scowling look, an arrogant smirk, and a shocked/angry face. The shocked face is the entire reason I bought this toy, it is hilarious. Another thing about this nendoroid, is that it is short! It’s only slightly shorter than the other nendoroids, makes me wonder if the character is short?

The paint is pretty decent. His hair has subtle shading of dark and light gray, the scarf and outfit have nice smooth and straight lines painted on them. There are some metalic parts on his coat which are painted in a shiny gold color, and there are very few paint bleeds, nothing obvious.

My one annoyance with this figure is the stand. It is a clear plastic circle base with an under coat/skirt prop. The problem with it is that, like all the other nendoroid stands of this nature, it doesn’t hold the figure very well. The biggest problem is that he floats on his stand, I may be using it wrong, but I cant seem to get it so his feet are actually touching the base! Unlike some of the other under-skirt stands, this one does have him standing straight and not leaning back =)

Overall hes a 8/10!


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