Play Arts Aerith Review

Aerith Gainsborough is one of the main female protagonists in Final Fantasy VII. In the game she plays the role of a healer. As for the character herself, she is a sweet 22 year old girl from the slums of Midgar who sells flowers. She has a rather tragic air about her which only increases as the game progresses, but I wont say any more on that matter (wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone who is unfamiliar with the story). She is also a potential love interest for the main character Cloud (although there is a date scene in the game, during which Cloud has the possibility of taking any of the characters out depending on prior interactions =P)

I found this toy at FYE for $24.99 a while back and had to have it. This is the Play Arts vol. 1 gameplay edition of Aerith made by Kotobukiya, and released 01/2008.

Aerith comes in the typical Play Arts box. It is a matte black box with a front viewing window and pictures of the toys in the series on the back. This box has circle tape closing the top, not regular tape. Only the bootleg boxes of this particular line have normal tape.

Aerith comes with only a few accessories, a couple of extra hands and her staff! This line of toys only comes with the first weapon that each character gets in the game. However there is an extra weapon pack that can be bought with a more advanced weapon from the game for each character. Her stand is just a black old style play arts stand (they resemble doll stands). I like these stands because they look classy and are sturdy enough to hold the figures.

The sculpting on this toy is excellent. She looks exactly like the concept artwork. Her bangs are slightly exaggerated but it works for the figure. The dress is made out of a very soft rubber which allows for her knees to be bent.

The painting on this figure is also pretty good. Her eyes, like alot of the Play Arts line eyes, are very detailed. There was, however, some dirt and dark marks on her dress that did not come off with cleaning. The only place in which the painting is slightly uneven is at the ribbon on her neck.

Her articulation is not very good. Her arms bend at the elbows and move at the shoulders. Her hands can twist. Her knees bend, and her head can look in different directions. My main problem with the articulation is the legs, there isnt too much than can be done to pose her other than standing or kneeling (which I don’t do because I don’t want to bend her dress). Her ankles and feet have quite a bit of articulation which is well disguised by her gardening boots.

Overall, this toy is a must for any FFVII fan, especially fans of Aerith.


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