Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid Review

Black Rock Shooter is a 50 minute OVA based off of a song made with the vocaloid program. The main character’s name is also Black Rock Shooter. She is a fighter from another world that merges with a girl named Yomi to find her best friend.

I bought the nendoroid knowing absolutely nothing about the OVA or the music video that started it all. This nendoroid simply called out to me in the store. I paid $60 dollars for it at a local anime shop (though I heard that overproduction lead online stores to have it for $12?). This is nendoroid #106, produced by Good Smile Company, and sculptor Abe Masato. This was originally released in 08/2010.

The packaging on this nendoroid matches it perfectly, it has the checkerboard pattern that is seen throughout the OVA. This box is also slightly different from other nendoroid boxes at the top. Instead of just a normal flap, there are two flaps. I cant say either method is better than the other, both close the box.

Accessories: This nendoroid comes with alot of accessories. If I were still assigning numbers I would give this a 10/10. She comes with two extra faceplates, an extra hair piece to replace the flame eye, an extra set of bangs for the “beat up” look, a sitting body, extra arms, legs and hands, her rock cannon, and her black katana.Oh, and did I mention this comes with the Black Rock Shooter OVA on dvd?

Sculpt: I would say that this nendoroid has a perfect sculpt for the character, but sadly there is a factory defect that all black rock shooter’s have to an extent. The extra set of bangs is not sculpted to match the rest of the head and as a result, does not fit properly. There is a gap between the bangs and the rest of the hair =(. This can be easily fixed with some light pressure and a hairdryer according to tsukiboard, however, I have terrible luck with fixing figures and will not attempt this.

Paint: Much like the sculpt, most of the painting is absolutely superb, but there are a few annoying flaws. The flaws consist of black marks on the underside of the face plate of the figure and there is some black slop on the body istelf. Not all the nendoroids have this problem, it was just my bad luck =P. On the other hand, the paint mistakes arent terribly noticeable. The painting really shines on the hair, the hair has subtle blue highlightes all over it to match BRS’s eyes. Her eyes are also very detailed. The flame eye is made out of semitranslucent blue plastic, and her outfit is a very shiny black. I’m assuming the super shine is supposed to resemble vinyl? though her outfit in the show did not look like vinyl?

Poseability: She is very poseable for not being a super-moveable nendoroid. Her base allows her to be placed in a variety of different positions, as do the extra arms and legs. Her pigtails can also move up and down (and be removed entirely).

Base: This nendoroid excels at the stand. I wish all nendoroids came with stands like this one. Her base is a checkerboard floor. Into the floor there are several different clear arms that can be inserted into the base and a whole in her outfit (kind of like with petite nendoroids). There is also the option to place the rock cannon on the base and have her sitting on it. The greatest thing about the base (other than being themed for the nendoroid) is that it is very stable. The nendoroid is not going to fall off the base and its pretty safe to carry her around with the base.

Overall, this is my favorite nendoroid. Despite all of the small flaws, it is still excellently made. I am eagerly anticipating the other two nendoroids in this series; Deadmaster and Black Gold Saw.


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