Play Arts Tifa Review

Tifa Lockhart is a high spirited girl from Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud’s childhood friend, love interest, a member of the terrorist group Avalanche, and owner of the 7th heaven bar. She is also proficient in martial arts!

I got this toy last christmas =). She is the Play Arts vol. 1  gameplay edition and was originally released 12/2007.

The packaging on this toy is a black box, with a large viewing window in the front, and pictures of the toys in this volume on the back. It displays the toy nicely for those who do not want to remove her from the box and stores easily for those who do.

Accessories: This Play Arts figure come with the fewest accessories of any of the Play Arts figures that I currently own. All she comes with is an extra set of hands, yup, that’s it. She also comes with a stand (however most of the Play Arts do). The stand/base is nothing special, just a typical play arts base which resembles a doll stand (black with a metal clamp that goes around the stomach).

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is fantastic. This is probably the best designed Tifa toy I’ve seen. She looks just like her artwork counterpart! I prefer this version of Tifa over her advent children design. She also is much curvier than her advent children counterpart (true to her in-game design). The hair on this toy is also fairly detailed, as is her elbow armor. Her skirt’s straps are made of a very soft rubber, which looks good but get compressed and misshapen with extended use of the stand (the waist clamp is so tight it presses the straps in).

Paint: The paint is decent, it has a few flaws, but not too many. The only flaws are that the color of the hair tie bleeds onto her hair slightly. The other mistake is on her shirt, the area in the middle of her chest is an off white and looks slightly skin colored. The tips of her hair also have a slight reddish/brown color as opposed to the black of the rest of her hair.

Poseability: She is about as articulated as the Yuffie Play arts. Her arms can be placed in a variety of positions and her legs bend.

Overall: This is a sexy figure for being an action figure. She is definately a must have for any final fantasy 7 or Tifa fan.


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