Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis Review

Sebastian Michaelis is one of the main characters from the anime and manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). He is both a demon and a butler. He’s in a Faustian contract with a 12 year old boy  (Ciel Phantomhive) who lives in London. Sebastian has a deep love and appreciation for cats. He is a great cook, baker, and quite handy with kitchen utensils, as is expected of a Phantomhive butler.

This is nendoroid #68, produced by Good Smile Company, Sculptors are Nendoron and Maruhige. This was originally released on 07/2009, but was re-released 09/2010. I got this toy when it was re-released for about $40 on preorder. I did not want to miss out on sebastian because he is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite anime shows.

Packaging: The packaging is normal nendoroid packaging, a square box, with a viewing window in front and pictures of the toy on the back. This box is shiny black, with a purple interior, and kuroshitsuji style font on the front.

Base: Ah nendoroid bases, they are pretty terrible. His base is clear and the prop goes between his legs and tail coat. This does not hold him in a very stable manner. It serves its purpose for display by making him stand up, however it is not tight enough to make him stand straight and he leans slightly backwards in it.

Sculpt: This is a great sculpt, he is the perfect chibi-fied version of Sebastian. He looks alot like the chibi sebastian seen in the end credits of the anime. His hair is appropriately spiky and long, and the spikes are sharp enough to look good. His tail coat also looks pretty good. The coat is made out of hard plastic and is not flexible, so be warned, it has breaking potential. I’ve also heard that some people have problems with Sebastian’s neck joint breaking. I have not had this problem, quite the opposite, out of all my nendoroids this head switches with the most ease. However, be cautious, just in case!

Paint: The paint is not flawless, but it is decent enough. There isn’t much shading to him, most of his outfit is a matte black, his hair is a matte black, and well, his shirt’s white. He does have shiny silver buttons on his coat, just a slight bleed in color there, and he has a shiny silver chain and emblem also, which are painted perfectly. His face plates for the most part are also painted perfectly. The main faceplate (on my copy) has a mistake in the mouth, the painting of the mouth doesn’t fit perfectly into the sculpt. Its not very noticeable.

Accessories: Well he comes with some extra arms, two extra face-plates, and a cat. The Ciel nendoroid comes with additional accessories for Sebastian, arms holding a tea set and a towel. Im pretty satisfied with his accessories but I can think of two more that would have been awesome: a face-plate with his demon eyes, and hands holding rows of utensils ready for combat(for those who are familiar with Black Bulter, you know what i’m talking about =D).

Poseability: He’s got a few cute poses that he can do. He’s got a very adorable cat loving pose with a cat loving face, a scowling pose, and a serving pose (with the extra accessories). He cannot sit down, his coat tails get in the way!

Overall: this is not my favorite nendoroid but it is definitely my favorite male nendoroid! If you are a fan of the story dont miss out if he gets re-released again!


2 responses to “Nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis Review

    • I purchased this when it was originally re-released off of amiami! that was a few years ago, you might want to try mandarake
      it is a used toy shop in Japan, and they occasionally get old nendoroids in stock! Be warned that the items are used but are original and usually in good condition! I myself have not used this site but have heard good things about it. Other than that, I don’t know of any legitimate stores which still have him in stock! You could always wait and see if he gets re-released a second time.

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