Play Arts Cloud Strife Review

Cloud Strife is the main character of Final Fantasy VII. Who doesn’t love Cloud with his spiky yellow hair? This guy is a Soldier 1st class for Shinra. Or is he? Cloud is rather quiet, surly, and confident in his *cough* abilities. He is probably the most confused character in the history of gaming, has a bad habit of talking to himself, and is absolutely awesome! Can you tell I’m a fan?

I debated for a while on which Play Arts Cloud I was going to buy: Coliseum Cloud, Advent Children Cloud, Crisis Core Cloud, or Game Edition Cloud. I chose game edition Cloud because his character design is the best, and I love the original game! I got this Cloud at a local shop about a year ago for $30. This is produced by Square Enix, and was originally released in 12/2007.

Packaging and Base: Well typical Play Arts box and typical Play Arts base, what more is there to say? Oh wait, the box has circle tape not normal tape! so beware the bootlegs!

Sculpt: This sculpt is great! He looks just like the concept artwork! Everything from his shoes to his spiky hair looks exactly as it should. The spiky hair is my favorite part of this sculpt, and played a role in my choice of this figure. None of the other Cloud’s hair has that huge chunky spike on the top! The buster sword is also done well, and look worn, old, and cracked. This sword is deceptively light and doesn’t loosen the figures arm joint.

Paint: The paint on this figure is almost perfect. His yellow hair has some paint bubbles and scratches in it and so do the pants. The paint on his sword, and armor is a shiny metallic color and has that nice used look. There are some bandages on his left arm that are painted really well. His face is also painted nicely. He has those nice mako addicted blue eyes…

Accessories: Well he comes with extra hands and his Buster sword, and some pegs for his back…yup that’s it, not bad for a Play Arts though. The pegs can be used to fasten the Buster sword to Clouds back (doesn’t work with the stand though).

Pose-ability: Cloud is very pose-able for a Play Arts! His arms can go behind his head, meaning he can hold his sword in the victory pose! His legs also bend at the knees, and there is some flexibility at the shoes. He can’t sit properly because of his bulky pants! (toys that can sit down are always a plus for me, but most Play Arts can’t)


Overall, I love this toy! This is a great rendition of Cloud and is fun to play with!



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