Vincent Valentine Play Arts Review

Vincent Valentine is an extra playable character in Final Fantasy VII. He also appears in the movie Advent Children and has his own offshoot game called Dirge of Cerberus. Vincent is an ex-Turk, and Shinra lab rat, until you rescue him from his…coffin.This character probably has one of the coolest designs in the Final Fantasy universe.

I got this toy as a Christmas present last year, and it is the only Advent Children edition Play Arts toy that I own. This toy is produced by Square Enix and was originally released in 08/2005.

Hmm, I keep having to edit this post! Previously I had this toy listed as a bootleg, however, it has come my attention that the unusual box may just be an american release version. I have not been able to confirm this, so do not know if the toy is legitimate or not.

Packaging: well after having done so many Play Arts Reviews, this package is like all the rest.

Accessories: Vincent does not come with a lot of accessories, he comes with an extra hand and his three barreled gun featured in the movie.

Sculpt: This is the one area where Vincent exceeds expectations. Overall, he looks great! His hair is nice, the coat has some good frayed detail at the bottom, but almost no detail in the body since it is made of a very soft rubber. There a buckles and belts all over his clothing, and the sculpting on those is fairly detailed as well. His gun has three barrels, and a metal chain connects the little emblem to the rest of the weapon. There is also a holster for the gun on the side of Vincents leg which the gun can be placed into. While the sculpting makes this figure looks excellent, the paint….well….

Paint: The painting on this figure is mediocre. His face looks pretty bad! He has a sallow, almost deathly skin tone that does not seem intentional. His lips look like he died in the cold! Why are they a dark gray color? The biggest paint disappointment on this figure is the eyes (in which a lot of Play Arts figures excel). They are the correct orange/red color but have no depth and just don’t look right. His face does not capture how he looks in the movie, and this seems to be an issue with all the advent children toys. The painting on the clothes and body is far better than that on the head. His armored hand and shoes are painted in a shiny gold, and there really aren’t any paint bleeds anywhere.

Pose-ability: Well hes just not that pose-able. His coat is flexible so it allows for leg movement, but the top part of the coat makes it difficult to move his arms.

Overall, I still like this Vincent because I like the character and his advent children character design.


9 responses to “Vincent Valentine Play Arts Review

  1. Sorry to tell you, but this Vincent PA figure is a bootleg. You can tell by the package design. It has so many flaws or distinctive features. First of all the font type and size on the front bottom is much bigger and less stylish than all the other play arts figures. you can check the image of the original figure packaging on this link

    Somebody really should make an in depth guide on how to tell original Play arts from bootlegs.

    • It seems you are correct! I never thought to look at the box. Usually I tell by the circle tape, but I just assumed the AC line didn’t have circle tape, does it? the toy itself looks like all the other legitimate copies of it that I’ve seen. This sucks, now I’m sad, but thanks for letting me know.

  2. There are many other details. Bootlegs say the figure is for ages 14 and up, But the original PA figures say they are for ages 13 and up.

    Also, the bootlegs that come in black packaging have a different finish, you can see the reflection of a camera flash on them, but the original play arts have a more satin black finish on the package, and the “final fantasy play arts action figure” line is written in somewhat silver font.

    Another detail is that bootlegs have a line that reads as “Collect all figures in series” but the originals should say “Collect all figures IN THE series”

    The one that i have my doubts is your Squall PA. I have that same figure, it came with regular tape, but i haven’t found info about squall bootlegs so i can compare my figure to others.

  3. Somebody told me that the package of the Final fantasy VIII PA line was redisigned for a Re-Run of the series. Supposedly that image is of the first run of FF VIII PA series. I found a guide on PA figures in my native language (Spanish) and according to it, our Squall figures are legit. Is just that bootlegs have so many flaws on the package, there is where the difference comes, not so much the figure itself.

    Also this guide mentions that the base, as you mentioned, should say square enix made in china, but thos words are carved into the base itself, on bootlegs those words are painted.

    I’ll ask the guy permission to translate his guide into english, maybe we could spread it among collectors. But he only has info on FF VII to FF X PA series, and the advent children series. So it needs to be updated.

  4. Sigh….my Vincent is just like yours….and worst, it doesn’t even come with a metal holder thing to attach to the base…:( His claw is GIANT and well…his gun is bent….

    • the bootleg Vincent is everywhere it seems =(. I have yet to see the legit version in a store. I’d really like to get the Play Arts game version of Vincent…

  5. The box for your Vincent figure looks like the old release, so it might not be a bootleg. I’ve read that Square Enix re released figures with a new type of packaging that was less shiny and had silver lettering.

  6. Hello! I’m the guy that promised a “bootleg guide”, i’ve been too busy so really haven’t even started a proper guide yet.

    But I can tell you that the most knocked-off or bootlegged series of Final fantasy play arts figures, as i’ve found on places like e-bay and such are the final fantasy X and Final fantasy 7: advent children play arts.

    Just grab the box of this vincent and compare this details with all your other play arts. there are so many flaws on the whole box, so i’ll list some for you.

    – Bootlegs have the text “For ages 14 and up”, but legit PA have the text “For ages 13 and up”

    – Bootlegs on the back have only 1 bar code, or maybe two but somewhat separated in between. Legit PA have 2 bar codes the JAN code and the UPC code, they are closer to one another and they have a little text that tells you which one is each code.

    -Bootlegs on the back have this text “Collect all figures in series” but legit PA have the text “collect all figures IN THIS series”.

    – On the left side of a Legit PA box there is always an image of the character, on the right side of the box is an image of the official logo for that final fantasy game (e.g. For final fantasy 9 it would be the final fantasy ix words with the crystal behind) and just below that a little warning in a red background.

    Just compare all your other PA figures and you’ll see there is a pattern.

    I’ll provide a link where you can see a Legit PA box right next to the bootleg box of a vincent figure.

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