Crisis Core Aerith Play Arts Review

Aerith Gainborough is a naive 15 year old girl from the Slums of Midgar who tends to flowers in an abandoned church. One day she meets a Soldier name Zack and falls in love with him. He convinces her to start a flower selling business in order to bring some life back to the slums. They have wonderful times together and live happily ever after *cough*…well if you don’t already know the story I wont ruin it.

I bought this toy a few months ago at a local anime shop for $30. This is the Crisis Core edition Aerith and was originally released 01/2009.

Packaging: Typical Play Arts packaging except instead of the box being a solid color, it has Midgar on it! quite a pretty box in my opinion!

Accessories: Aerith comes with an extra set of hands, and a flower basket. Yes, that’s right, a flower basket. How refreshing instead of a weapon! =D

Sculpt: The sculpt on this figure is pretty good Her dress looks exactly like the picture and has all the small pleats in it. It is sculpted as if it were blowing in the breeze. Her hair is pulled back into a fairly detailed braid. Her arm and ankle joints look a little odd, but its not too bothersome.  Her flower basket also looks excellent, and the wicker part is well done. The only problem with the sculpt is that her hair isn’t entirely connected to her head on one side! It’s rather distracting.

Paint: The paint is pretty decent. Her face looks really nice and her eyes are a bright green color. There are a few bleeds here and there, but also a lot of detail to make up for it. Her sandals have small flowers painted on to them, and her dress also has flowers around the shoulders. Her dress isn’t a nice clean white, but more of a dingy white! When I took her out of the box she actually had this strange black oily film over her, but it came off with some water and a towel.

Pose-ability: This Aerith is pretty pose-able for a Play Arts. Her ankles have some joints and her arms can be placed in a variety of positions. Her legs also bend at the knee and her head moves.

Overall, this is a nice edition to any Final Fantasy VII collection for a fan of the series. She is really pretty! Though if I had to choose this or the game-play Aerith (which luckily I didn’t have to), I would choose gameplay Aerith because she has slightly higher quality and I like that character design better.


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