Play Arts Zack Fair Review

Zack Fair is Soldier 1st class for Shinra. He is Aerith’s first boyfriend and an upstanding guy. He goes out of his way to help people and loves his job. He would do anything for a friend in need.

I got this toy as a late B-day present last year. This is the Crisis Core edition Zack Fair Play arts, originally produced in 01/2009.

Packaging: well its just another Play Arts box. I like this box because Midgar can be seen on the outside and inside of the box as decoration (it’s a nice break from the usual solid colors)

Accessories: Well he comes with his buster swords and some hands, this amount of accessories is average for a Play Arts. He also comes with a sword carrying peg for his back, but it was slightly to large for the hole, and very difficult to insert.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is really well done. The best part is probably his hair. The bangs and spikes look just right and have enough detail to make it look like it did in the game. His uniform has a very similar sculpt to that of gameplay-edition Cloud. The Buster sword has a lot of little detail on it and really is a beautiful toy sword. This sword is much heavier than gameplay-edition Cloud’s and Zack’s arm joints aren’t strong enough to hold it up for a long time. The only bothersome feature of the sculpt is the muscles in his arms. They almost look too defined, and unnatural.

Paint: The paint on this figure is pretty good. His face looks great! he even has the scar on his cheek painted well. The paint looks a little strange on the arms, it seems the combination of sculpt and paint around those muscles makes them look a bit strange. There are no major paint mistakes or bleeds on this toy.

Pose-ability: This figure is not as pose-able as the aforementioned Cloud, simply because the shoulder armor restricts his arm movement slightly. Other than that, he can move his arms, and legs and head.

Overall this is a really nice figure and probably one of the best looking Final Fantasy male toys.


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