Play Arts Auron Review

Auron is a 35 year old warrior and playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is bad-ass and one of my favorite characters in that game…yup that’s about all there is to say about that.

I got this toy for my birthday last year along with Tidus =). This is produced by Square Enix, and was released 06/2006.

Packaging: yup its good. It’s white. It has circle tape…

Accessories: He comes with an extra naked arm, hanging coat part,  and his sword! That’s a few more accessories than usual!

Sculpt: Much like the other two toys in the Final Fantasy X line, the sculpt is incredibly detailed. Each outfit has so many little parts to it, and they nailed every one of them. His face-sculpt looks exactly like the pictures, but …he honestly looks much older than 35. His face sculpt is excellent in making him look like the tired old warrior that he is, but oh wait, 35 just isn’t that old.

Paint: The painting on this figure is pristine. There are almost no bleeds, and they did an excellent job with the character’s face and hair.

Pose-ability: Well, he’s supposed to be pretty pose-able. His normal pose consists of one arm lazily resting in his coat. However, the extra naked arm included can be inserted to mix it up. Hmm, well I could not for the life of me get his clothed arm off of him. It is pretty stuck in there! So I will include the official picture of what it should have looked like if I could have replaced the arms! I have also heard this his arms are extremely breakable, but seeing as I haven’t been able to do much to them, mine are fine.

Overall, this is a great looking toy and I would strongly recommend for any fan of Final Fantasy X. I would not recommend actually playing with this, he seems rather fragile.


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