Play Arts Tidus Review

Tidus is the protagonist of Final Fantasy X. He is a 17 year old star Blitzball player (a form of strange under-water soccer) of Zanarkand (the super modern city he lives in). One day he is transported against his will to a land several hundred years in the future. In this new and strange place he will meet the love of his life (Yuna) and face his father.

I got this toy for my birthday last year =). This the Tidus Play Arts action figure from the final fantasy X line. He was released back in 06/2006, and there are bootlegs of this toy out there so be careful!

Packaging: Typical play arts box, white, and has circle tape! yes the circle tape is important (if it has normal tape, it’s probably a bootleg).

Base/stand: well it’s the typical Play Arts base, except it’s white instead of black. The reason I even bring it up  is because tragedy occurred while I was talking pics for this review. The stand split right down the seam (and I’ve only owned it for a year), I’m going to have to glue or tape it back together. He was very difficult to put in it anyway ’cause of his bulky shirt.

Sculpt: This toy has an amazingly detailed sculpt. All the chains on his clothes are made out of real metal! His hair also looks exactly like it does in the game! I think pictures will do a better job illustrating the detail than describing it.

Paint: One thing comes to mind here, colorful! This is a super colorful toy! the paint isn’t perfect, there are some bleeds, but it hardly ever is in the Play Arts line. The one thing that bothers me about this figure is his incredibly shiny, tanned skin! Did some of his blitzball groupies oil him up?

Pose-ability: despite his super bulky clothing, he’s still about as pose-able as a typical Play Arts guy, say Zack for example.

Accessories: He comes with extra hands and his sword, the Brotherhood. The sword is one of my favorite parts of this figure. It is made out of clear blue plastic, looks like it does in the game, and really just looks awesome.

Overall, this is a great toy for any fan of Tidus.


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