Play Arts Yuna Review

Yuna is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy X. She is a girl who wishes to be a High summoner like her father in order to save Spira from Sin’s destruction. As a summoner she can call upon aeons (large ferocious beasts, or well the typical FF summons) to fight for her. One day she meets the love of her life, Tidus, a young man claiming to be from a city that was destroyed several hundred years previously.

I got this toy from a good friend who didn’t want her, who got her from another friend who didn’t want it (almost sounds like one of those urban legends). Since I got this toy used, I do not have the packaging, but it’s a white box like all the others in this line and has circle tape. This toy is produced by Square Enix, is part of the Final Fantasy X line, and was released in 06/2006.

Accessories: She comes with two extra hands and a weapon (her staff), normal amount for a Play Arts

Sculpt: the sculpt on this toy follows the highly detailed quality of the other toys in the FFX line. Every part of her outfit is accurate to the artwork. There are a few bothersome points with the sculpt though. Her kimono sleeves are long and pretty when her arms are down, but if the arms are put into different poses, the sleeves look gravity defying and strange. Her joints are also some of the worst I’ve seen in the Play Arts line. When I got this toy, her arm had already come off at the elbow joint. It’s easy enough to stick back in (its just a simple peg) but if i try to pose her then her arm just falls right back off. The joints on her arms also look very noticeable and kind of ugly.

Paint: her paint job is gorgeous. They managed to put all the flowers on her kimono, and there are hardly any bleeds. The necklace is also perfectly painted. The best part of the paint has to be the face on this figure. They even gave her heterochromia (two different colored eyes). My figure has some scratches in the paint on the sleeves but I think that’s because she wasn’t as well taken care of in previous homes.

Pose-ability: The arms are quite pose-able but I do not like it because as stated above, posing the arms makes the sleeves look strange. Her head is also quite pose-able, but she seems less pose-able than some of the other Play Arts females.

Overall she is a very nice edition to the final fantasy 10 collection.


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