Play Arts Squall Leonhart Review

Squall Leonhart is a 17 year old student at Balamb garden, a military academy that trains elite mercenaries called SeeDs. He is a quiet, reserved, and angry person. Actually, he is probably the most angst ridden teenager in the history of gaming. Throughout the game he becomes less cold and reserved, develops a rivalry with his former classmate Seifer, and falls in love with Rinoa Heartilly.

I got this toy for Christmas last year and it was bought at a local anime shop. I do have some concerns that my copy may be a bootleg but have not been able to confirm. This toy is produced by Square Enix and was released in 04/2006.

Packaging: Squall comes in typical play arts packaging, its a shiny white box. My concern with the box is that it has normal tape, and not circle tape. I do not know whether the FF8 line had circle tape on their boxes?

Accessories: Well he comes with extra hands, his Gunblade, and a stand.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is excellent, which makes me think it isn’t a bootleg. Squalls hair looks just like it does in the pictures, and they captured his personality perfectly with the look on his face. The outfit has some small details on it like the fur on his jacket and the buckles on his boots and pants. His leather jacket is made out of a soft rubber and is a seperate piece (not attached to the shirt) which gives it a realistic look. He wears a necklace (the chain is made of metal), and his sword also has a pendant hanging off of it whose chain is made of metal. Sadly I broke the necklace right as I was unpacking Squall. However, with some jewelry pliers this is an easy fix, one of the chain links just bent open a little.The sword’s sculpt is awesome!

Paint: Here is the main reason I thought my copy might be a bootleg. The paint just isn’t great, it has more mistakes than are usually seen on a Play Arts. There is some massive black paint slop on his belts, and the bottom of his face seems to have a red rash. The uneven paint on his face bothers me, especially since the rest of the face like his eyes and scar look great. Other than the belt and the face, this figure is painted very nicely. I have seen other copies of Squall with the uneven face problem and wonder if it was just bad quality control, or if there are that many bootlegs out there?

Pose-ability: Squall has medium pose-ability. His legs move and his arms move to an extent. The bulky jacket however prevent the arms from moving up very far. The toy however does have very good joints! This is a very sturdy toy and doesn’t feel very breakable. The joints are also hidden, and blend in with the outfit.

Overall, I would highly recommend this toy to anyone who is a fan of final fantasy! If anyone has an opinion on whether this isย  a really well done bootleg copy or just a factory defect please comment below =) If it does end up being a bootleg, this figure is good enough that I’d keep it anyway ( it just doesn’t have that bootleg feel or smell)


9 responses to “Play Arts Squall Leonhart Review

  1. Hello!
    First, you have a great blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy reading your reviews and am quite convinced now that I need Vanille figure, lol.
    Second, I don’t know if you’re still unsure, but I’d say your Squall is legit. Mine had normal tape as well and he’s definitely legit.

  2. I had the same concerns as you. I got this figure, and was concerned because the other two FF* figures that I had (Selphie, Rinoa) Had a white box with the FF* Logo on the front. (I got those two from toys r us a while ago) And my Squall is in a White box like yours. So I have been searching the web to see if its real or not. I agree with you though it looks good, just had the same thought as you. Please update if you find an answer, and thanks for doing this ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually, yours is the bootlegged one. Box should not have “caution” sign on the front or says “ages 14 up” like the rinoa one (that is bootlegged too). ๐Ÿ˜›

      • You may be right on the Squall, but I believe my Rinoa is real. Her box is entirely different and has the correct FFVIII logo on it. Members of have said that they believe that my Squall is the real thing and that Square Enix quality control is to blame. I’m not convinced either way, packaging itself is not always a good indicator of bootlegs because the US releases and Japan releases do occasionally come in different packaging.

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