Oerba Dia Vanille Play Arts Kai Review

Oerba Dia Vanille is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII (13). She looks like a cheerful and upbeat character, but having never played the game myself, I don’t know much about her. She is 19 years old and the narrator of the game.

I bought this toy at Hastings for $40 back in March. This is the FFXIII Play Arts Kai Vanille which was released back in 12/2009. This was my first experience with the Play Arts Kai line!

Packaging: The packaging is much bigger than the old Play Arts Kai boxes and has a prettier design. It is also easier to store because it doesn’t have the flap at the top.

Base: Ah well, my biggest disappointment with this figure. The first volume of Play Arts Kai featured all new bases! The idea was a good one, it is a base that has a move-able arm (much like a figma base) so that the character can be placed in action poses. While the idea was fantastic, the actual product is not! The base is made out of flimsy plastic that can’t support the figures weight at all! So much for the action poses, the base also does not look great, and for Vanille specifically it doesn’t even fit well around her stomach. This base also did not last a week before it couldn’t even stand up on its own without a figure, the arm is completely loose. Subsequent Play Arts Kai lines do not include a base at all.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this is fantastic! These Play Arts Kai are far more detailed than the old Play Arts lines, even more detailed than the FFX line. These are also very very tall! They are not in scale with the old Play Arts toys. I like that they are tall but they can’t be displayed well with old Play Arts. This toy has a really detailed fur skirt and fur lining around the boots. The front of her outfit is covered in beads. There are a few issues with the sculpt. The knees look very strange (which allows for greater flexibility), and there are seam lines on the hair.

Paint: The paint is nearly perfect on this toy. There are no bleeds and the paint on some of the beads is only slightly off. She is a very colorful character, and her hair color matches the artwork perfectly.

Pose-ability: These toys are far more pose-able than the old Play Arts. Her knees bend all the way, her torso has a joint, her head and ponytails move, and her arms move a lot.

Accessories: She comes with her strange weapon unfolded, and folded up to be placed in a harness at the back of her skirt (this is difficult to close!), She also comes with some extra hands.

Overall, this is a stunning action figure. I’d say it’s a great addition to any final fantasy collection. Just be warned it won’t match up with the old line of play arts.


2 responses to “Oerba Dia Vanille Play Arts Kai Review

  1. Hmm, I’m still iffy on it. The face being the biggest problem. A problem that the Play Arts line seems to really suffer from more often than not.

  2. I usually enjoy Play arts faces but this line of play arts kai has some of the worst faces in the bunch, not too mention the inconsistencies! Some are painted much better than others, so buy her in person and not online if you do. I’ve seen some lovely repaints of her face on the net, but have no idea how to do something like that

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