Lightning Play Arts Kai review

Lightning is the main character in Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve never played this game so I don’t know much about the character. She is described as a cold, 21 year old, female warrior.

I bought this toy for $40 back in March at Hastings. This FF13 Play Art Kai Lightning was originally released on 12/2009 and then re-released on 09/2010.

Packaging: The packaging is much larger than the original Play Arts boxes, it is white, has a front viewing window, and circle tape.

Accessories: She comes with a base, an extra set of hands, an opened weapon, and a folded up weapon that fits into the holster on her outfit.

Base: The base is white, and looks like a figma base. It has a move-able arm designed for action poses, but this arm is not strong enough to support Lightnings weight in most positions.I prefer the Play Arts style doll stands, they looked classy and held the figure up securely.

Sculpt: This is a very good sculpt. She does not have many small details on her outfit, but her outfit looks exactly like the artwork. Shes got the cape, and all the bags, and buckles. Her outfit is made out of a soft plastic, possibly rubber. Her hair does have some very visible seams on it, and the hair itself looks a bit chunky. Her knees look terrible, one of her legs isn’t set entirely straight in the joint. This toy is also very tall, much taller than the old Play Arts, but is in scale with Vanille. However, some of the later volumes of FF13 play arts kai toys are smaller again and not in the same scale!

Paint: For the most part, the paint on this figure is pretty good. However,Square Enix quality control is pretty shabby. Some Lightning’s have perfectly painted faces, while others (like mine) have color missing on most of the lips. Her face would look pretty good if it weren’t for her lips.

Pose-ability: This Lightning toy is very pose-able and has many points of articulation. Her ugly knees allow her legs to be placed in many different positions. She also has a joint in her torso.

Overall, this toy is great looking and makes a great addition to any Final Fantasy collection. She is also fun to pose and play with.


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