New Years Resolutions for 2011!

So this year I will stick to my New Years resolutions! yeah… so first off, im going to loose weight…joking. Since this blog is about toys,

Here are my figure collecting resolutions for 2011!:

1. Buy only 1 figure a month!

2. Buy only figures from characters/shows that I know and like

3. Will not spend more than $80 on a single figure

4. Stop buying trading figures

5. get another display shelf to clear the clutter

6. do not fill aforementioned shelf to the point that it is cluttered!

7. update this blog at least every other week!

8. make an exception to resolution #2 if the character is a cute trap…this list is going down hill, maybe I should stop, resolutions aren’t supposed to have exceptions =(

Well that’s about it, if I can stick to these resolutions then maybe I won’t go broke indulging in this PVC addiction. What are some of your new years resolutions?

L is ready to watch the time square ball drop! Happy New Year everyone!



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