C.C. by Banpresto Review

C.C. (C2) is a character from the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. She is an immortal teenage girl who becomes the main characters accomplice through a contract. This contract gives him the power to control anyone. Another notable feature of this character is that she loves pizza!

I bought this toy at Akon 21 for $20. This is a figure of the C.C. Code Geass R2 A Version produced by Banpresto and released on 12/2008. This is probably one of the best buys I made at A-kon because it was one of the cheapest buys.

Box: The box of this figure is fairly small, black, has a picture of the figure on the front and some japanese writing on it. The box also has a rubber band hook at the top. This figure was originally available as a prize from a machine so that may be the reason for the rubber hook. The box is also much smaller than the figure, because she comes in pieces and has to be stuck together (no glue required =P).

Base: Just a nice plain circular black base (my favorite kind)

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is pretty good considering it only cost $20. There are a bunch of obvious seamlines in the hair, and where the figure gets put together on the legs. The hands look really delicate, and the toy has really nice proportions. The toy is also fairly large for being so cheap and fits well on the shelf with all my other 1/8th scale figures.

Paint: Well, once again, considering that it was cheap the paint job is decent!. Her face is a little shinier than I prefer, but there are almost no bleeds, The lines on the skirt could have been done better but for $20 it’s great.

Pose: The pose looks really unnatural (Why would anyone stand like that?) but matches the character perfectly. The pose is also very dynamic, and definitely not boring.

Overall, I would recommend this figure for its cheap price and decent quality.


2 responses to “C.C. by Banpresto Review

  1. Nice review ^^ I especially like the pictures with the bottle in them and the frog one. This looks like one of the better C.C. figures out there for this low of a price.

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