Got Dead Master Nendoroid and Play Arts Reno!

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but, I finally got the dead master nendoroid from Black Rock Shooter that I have been waiting for!

I bought her at a local anime shop (yesterday) for only $55, and then as a surprise got the Play Arts Reno as an added bonus! He was free!

Yes, that’s right, free! I noticed in the shop that the head had come loose and was no longer connected to the neck. The store owner opened the box and tried to get the head back on. While the head did pop back in, it falls back off at the slightest touch. So, I ended up with a free toy, slightly defective, but hey….it was free! Best day ever!

I did not even break my new years resolution of buying only one toy a month because Reno was free! ok, enough of that.

Look forward to reviews and pictures of these two toys in the future! (I actually have a backlog of toys to review, and wish I had a better way of organizing my review page, yikes =S).



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