Birthday Loot 2010!

Well this past weekend was my 23 birthday! I feel old… either way I got some awesome birthday loot!

I got the absolutely awesome Play Arts no. O Cloud Strife with Hardy Daytona. This toy is awesome and now I need a whole new shelf to display the FF7 figures on!

I also got the Bleach Play Arts Kai Rukia. This turned out to be rather tragic though! I opened the box to find that the hand guard on the sword was already broken off (cant really tell in the picture), and her legs were too loose! I’ve heard her legs are a little lose but this one was practically falling apart! Her legs would swing freely when picked up, and there was no remote chance of her standing, she could do the splits! Luckily, I was able to return her to Hastings, and get a gift card in return. (Sadly they didnt have another copy to replace her with, I still want her ). Also, her torso was coming off of the strange t-shaped joint holding her together! Her face was lovely though! Square Enix, what is going on with your quality control?!

Other than that I got Black Butler Part 1 season 1 dvd set, an exercise ball, prismacolor markers, drawing paper, a shirt and scarf, and two awesome cakes, courtesy of my mom and one of my friends!

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend!


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