My Toy Collection- American Toys

Well, I do apologize for the lack in new reviews lately! I haven’t bought any new toys, but not to worry, I’ve got three new Play Arts reviews planned for the near future =D

I was going to buy some new toys last weekend, but when I got to the shops, the nendoroids Mio and HMO Miku, and the play arts mickey mouse I had been interested in were sold out =( but that’s ok there are alot of new figures coming out this year that are must haves! In the mean time I thought I would show off my american toy collection!

I do prefer japanese figures over american ones for two reasons (other than subject matter): american toys tend to have really obvious seam lines and bad paint jobs. Take NECA toys for example, they tend to be hit or miss; the bioshock line is a hit but the twilight line looks horrible!

Speaking of NECA, here is my Army of Darkness Ash:

Here are my Harry Potter figures by NECA:

I still want to get the Snape in this line! For some reason all the Harry Potters look bad, not that Draco’s face looks great =S

I also have some WOW (World of Warcraft) toys:

I do not play WOW, but these looked great! Be warned though, they are leaners!

And last but not least, my Mcfarlane’s Elizabeth Bathory:

Warning, this toy is gory!

I love historical figures (whether accurate or not), and hope to get the Vlad the impaler someday! It would be neat if Mcfarlane made another line of Faces of Madness (which is what this toy is from).


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

So today when I got home from work I had two surprises waiting for me that my boyfriend left me =)

These pretty roses on my dining room table! and

Monster High Ghoulia and chocolates on my bed! =)

My two monster high dolls, ghoulia and frankie stein together.

My toys were also feeling in the spirit of the holiday:

Hope everyone has a fun-filled safe holiday!


Playstation 3 Finally!

So this past week I finally bought a Playstation 3! I have been wanting to for a while but kept thinking I could buy so many anime toys for that price…Well I took the plunge and bought the PS3 move bundle! It’s quite fun despite the move remote looking quite…scandalous. I also picked up Final Fantasy 13 while I was at it, despite not being able to finish FFX =P

Don’t look so dissapointed, I’ll still play with you too!

And I’ll buy you more nendoroid companions!

I finally get to play the origin of these two gorgeous figures!

The two lovely ladies showing off the remote

If you can really call it a remote…why do the instruction specify for use with hands only?

Despite the dubious looks of the move remote, it tracks movement quite accurately, and is really fun! I can’t wait till more move compatible games are made.