Playstation 3 Finally!

So this past week I finally bought a Playstation 3! I have been wanting to for a while but kept thinking I could buy so many anime toys for that price…Well I took the plunge and bought the PS3 move bundle! It’s quite fun despite the move remote looking quite…scandalous. I also picked up Final Fantasy 13 while I was at it, despite not being able to finish FFX =P

Don’t look so dissapointed, I’ll still play with you too!

And I’ll buy you more nendoroid companions!

I finally get to play the origin of these two gorgeous figures!

The two lovely ladies showing off the remote

If you can really call it a remote…why do the instruction specify for use with hands only?

Despite the dubious looks of the move remote, it tracks movement quite accurately, and is really fun! I can’t wait till more move compatible games are made.


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