Cloud and Hardy Daytona Play Arts Review!

Cloud is the main protagonist from Final Fantasy VII. Towards the beginning of the game he rode a motorbike called the Hardy Daytona to escape from Shinra.

I got this Play Arts for my birthday this year! It is the Play Arts n.0 Cloud and Hardy Daytona produced by Square Enix and originally released in 04/2008.This review will mostly be about the Hardy Daytona, since the Cloud is very similar to the regular Play Arts Cloud.

Box: This is a huge box, but other than that has all the typical features of a Play Arts box, like circle tape.

Accessories: Well the box has a Cloud, the Hardy Daytona, a normal play arts stand for the cloud, his buster sword, the same hands as regular cloud, and an extra set of hands to hold on to the bikes handle bars. There are more accessories than usual, but I can’t seem to get the bike handle hands to actually hold on to the bike! am I doing something wrong?

Sculpt: The bike is absolutely awesome! It is very detailed in every aspect of the sculpt, has working shocks, a kick stand (that folds) to help it stand up, and turning tires. The tires are made of a soft rubber which makes them realistic and even have tread marks. The bike handles themselves do not turn very much!

Paint: The paint job on this bike is fantastic. There are no bleeds in the paint.

Pose-ability: Well the bike can either be posed by itself using the kickstand, or with Cloud on it. Here I should mention that this Cloud is alot more flexible than the original Cloud because his legs spread wider to allow him to sit on the bike. As mentioned above, the handle bars dont turn much.

Cloud Comparison: The Cloud’s are supposed to be pretty much the same but they look slightly different.The bodies of the two Clouds looks identical, the difference is in the heads. Hd (hardy daytona) Cloud has taller and yellower spiky hair than normal Cloud. Hd Cloud also has paler skin and a slightly different face paint! Hd Cloud is on the left, and regular Cloud is on the right.

Overall: This is a must have for any FF7 fan. I would recommend getting this Cloud and Hardy Daytona over just getting the regular Play Arts Cloud. This one is more fun to play with, more handsome, and looks awesome on a shelf. The only bad thing about this figure is that Cloud doesn’t fit onto the bike perfectly. His hands cant hold the handle bars easily and his feet don’t seem to fit into the foot peddles.


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