Happy Easter!

It’s Easter and I’m home visiting my parents. It seems this holiday will be one of stomach flu, not being able to eat my  moms delicious Easter feast (unless I feel better later) and chocolate goodies. My mom still makes me Easter baskets! I love it, mine had a coach handbag in it :p I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter, whether they celebrate or not.

Happy Easter!!!


Kirino Kousaka Nendoroid Review

Today I will be reviewing Kousaka Kirino, the nendoroid. She sold out very fast on her first release only about two months ago, and is already getting re-released. Since people will get a second chance to snatch her up, I thought now would be a good time to review her.

Kirino Kousaka is one of the main characters in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, otherwise known as Oreimo or My Little Sister cant be this Cute!. Kirino is a popular 14 year old girl who is a model, and has a secret. One day her older brother Kyosuke discovers that secret. She is a closet Otaku, who literally hides her hobby in the closet. She also has a brother complex and loves younger sister themed eroge and magical girl anime. Her brother then proceeds to help her indulge in her hobby, come out of that closet, and make new friends.

I really enjoyed this anime, but didnt watch it until after I had already bought the nendoroid on impulse because she is so cute!  I got her at a local anime store for $60. She was originally released on 2/28/2011, and her re-release will be in 07/2011.

Packaging: Typical nendoroid box, the box is very colorful and fits the characters personality well.

Accessories: She comes with two extra face plates, two dvd cases, a bag, a cell phone, extra arms and a stand. She also comes with a sticker set to place on the dvd cases and bag. For the dvd case there is a magical girl sticker, and two black rock shooter stickers (shameless advertising?). For the bad there are two stickers with girls on them (I have no idea what they are from). These accessories fit her otaku personality and allow for funny scene recreations.

Stand: old style under the skirt stand. It fits nice and tight, but she still seems to lean a bit to the left.

Sculpt: She is a great chibi recreation of her anime counterpart. She is absolutely adorable. Compared to some of the newer nendoroids, she is rather plain in her school girl outfit, but I like the simplicity of it.

Paint: The paint job on this nendoroid is not fantastic, but its not bad either. The lines on her dress aren’t perfectly straight. Her faceplates are awesome. The happy, angry, and extremely happy faces look just right and have just the right amount of blush. Her cell phone is painted surprisingly well, and Im glad I did not have to put a sticker on that (because I suck at putting stickers on straight).

Poseability: She is not a super-moveable nendoroid. However, she does come with a variety of different arms that allow her to take a variety of fun poses.

Overall: This is one of my favorite nendoroids. She is simple enough that she is fun to play with, and she is cute to boot. I’d recommend snatching her up on the re-release. She sold out quickly the first time and got rather expensive. I don’t know that she’ll sell out again, and the prices will definitely drop with a re-release this soon. They are releasing her best friend kuroneko as a nendoroid, and I hope they will release her older brother as well but boy nendoroids seem to be less popular.

New Nendoroid! =)

Well, I did it again, I bought another nendoroid! At least this time, it was not an impulse buy, this was actually on my wishlist!

Ayasaki Hermione! From the anime Combat Butler. I seem to have a soft spot for traps.

Since I was in the city buying this nendoroid, I also tried Five Guys Burger and Fries for the first time. It was the best hamburger I have ever eaten!

Also, Ayasaki is now my favorite nendoroid, sorry Sebastian and Kirino nendos!

HMO Miku Nendoroid Review

Today I will be reviewing the HMO Miku Nendoroid from Hatsune Miku Orchestra Vocaloid. Vocaloid is a synthetic vocal program that allows the user to choose a character to sing their song for them. I have never used this program, but this Miku nendoroid was just too cute to resist.

I bought her at a local anime store for $60. She was released on 1/31/2011 and is  Good Smile Company Product.

Packaging: She comes in a typical nendoroid box, all of which are great boxes for storage or display. This box is green.

Stand: Her nendoroid stand is quite sturdy but very plain. Its a clear plastic with the same type of movable arm to hold the nendoroid that BRS has. While these types of stands are better for holding the nendoroid steady, the old style underneath the skirt or clothing stands looked better (esp for photographs). One of the nice things about Miku is that she can stand fine without a stand due to her pigtails.

Accessories: This nendoroid comes with a ton of stuff. I do not have another nendoroid that comes with more! She has extra long sleeve arms, hands, 2 extra faceplates, 2 keyboards, 1 drum set, 1 flute, 1 megaphone, sunglasses, extra headphones with cables, and 2 leeks that seem to serve as drumsticks.

Sculpt: The sculpt is quite excellent. She is really adorable and her slightly curly hair looks great. Her legs are also less stubby looking than some other nendoroid’s legs. My only problem with the sculpt is that her pigtails are a little loose and tend to fall off, and the hand replacements for the long sleeves don’t stay well either.

Paint: This is extremely disappointing. She has a lot of paint flaws for a nendoroid. Note that not all HMO Miku’s will have this problem, but quality control seems to be at an all time low these days. There is a huge scratch across her eye, and some black staining on her torso. Plus there is some slight bleed in the lines of her dress. I noticed the scratch in the eye before I bought her but decided to get her anyway.

Poseability: This is a very pose-able nendoroid, because she has the super-moveable designation. This means she has more joints than a normal nendoroid. Her knees bend, her elbows bend, and there is a joint in her torso. Her pigtails  also have some points of articulation. Not only is this nendoroid super movable, but she also has alot of accessories that allow for a wide variety of poses.

Overall: This is a very cute nendoroid, she’s fun to play with and photograph. This was a complete impulse buy for me, as it was not on my wishlist of desired figures. However, if i could do it all over again, I would buy her just the same =).

New Toy and Room Setup!

So I got tired of looking at the cluttered nerdy corner of my room, and decided to put my interior decorating skills (not that I actually have any) to use.



Success? I think so. I finally have a shelf just for my Final Fantasy VII toys.

However some of my other shelf arrangements still bother me…

This is dreadful! So cluttered! I should have never bought the Kenshin story image figures, they are leaners.

And this just looks weird…

However these I am happy with:

Though, with the expected haul for the summer, I’ll have to rearrange all over again…