May Loot Part 1

So this past week I got two new Monster High dolls (as a surprise from my boyfriend) and bought a Sora Play Arts at Hastings for $25.

Halloween-town Sora

Monster High: Dawn of the dance Cleo de Nile and Clawdeen

However, I’m expecting some more loot! The Kuroneko nendoroid I ordered finally arrived at a local shop and I’ll be able to pick it up Monday! I aslo pre-ordered Ikaros nendoroid at AmiAmi but it wont be released until October!



Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and I can’t apologize enough. School ended at the beginning of May and I have thoroughly enjoyed being extremely lazy these past couple of weeks. All I’ve done is play Guild Wars and Kings Quest VII. I haven’t acquired any new toys for May! Though the Kuroneko nendoroid I ordered should arrive at the store any day now.

I had also considered cancelling Kinoshita Hideyoshi nendoroid order! I  no longer have a job, and there are too many toys I would like to buy.  I don’t watch Baka to Test (the show from which this toy originates), so I know nothing about the character. However, I can always sell it if I don’t like it and I would regret cancelling the order. The release date is 5-27-11!

I had made a resolution to stop buying nendoroids, since I have so many! However, less than a day after I made my resolution, GSC announced the Ikaros nendoroid. I have no idea who this character is, but fell in love with the nendo design as soon as I saw it. This is my most wished figure! No release date or preorder information has been released as of yet. But, be assured I will preorder this as soon as it is available! So much for quitting the nendoroid series, now if only Play Arts would release more toys (come on Square Enix, where is Play Arts Sebastian =P?)

Play Arts Jack Skellington Review

Ah the Nightmare before Christmas, as a child I must have watched that movie every year between the holidays. Not much has changed…I still watch it once a year! I miss the days when Tim Burton movies still felt magical and original, now they seem much to formulaic (like my reviews). I think its safe to assume that most people have an idea of who Jack Skellington is, so I will just skip ahead to the review.

I got Jack for Christmas 2010. He is a Play Arts figure, was produced by Square Enix, and is play arts vol 3 in the Kingdom Hearts II line. He was originally released 10/2010.

Packaging: Good ol’ Jack comes in a terrifying box… Ok, it’s just an ordinary Play Arts box. Play arts boxes are nice, and convenient to repack the toys in so no complaints here.

Accessories: Hmm well he comes with his ghostly companion, zero! He also comes with two extra facial expressions (which is unusual for the play arts line). He does not come with much else, well, he comes with the old style play arts stand. This stand is definitely needed because he does not stand on his own!

Sculpt. The sculpt is fantastic. He is super thin, tall, and lanky. He very much looks like his on-screen counterpart. HIs bow tie, coat tails, and bony fingers seem a little fragile. His feet are tiny! and I mean really tiny! I don’t recall if they were that tiny in the movie. His dog zero also has a superb sculpt. He almost looks alive! The texture on zero is incredibly detailed, its like he is actually made out of burlap sack.

Paint: The paint is high quality as is expected of the Play arts line (so why does the play arts kai line have so many mistakes?). Jack’s suit is painted with thin white lines that are raised. There are no bleeds anywhere on the figure. Zero is just white but his pumpkin nose is also painted perfectly.

Pose-ability: Jack is not very pose-able! his arms and legs bend, yup that’s about it. Due to his lanky nature and tiny feet, there are many poses he can take. The expressions are extremely difficult to exchange! When pulling of the heads, the neck is very thin and can snap! I put a crack in Jack’s neck before I even realized it. The important thing is to pull the head straight up, or push it straight down. don’t try to wiggle it  or put any sideways pressure on the neck! Zero’s head moves, that’s about it.

Overall: This is a great toy for any Nightmare before Christmas fan, but maybe not so much for a general fan of Kingdom Hearts. I do not have the revoltech Jack so I can’t compare them, but this Jack is definitely the best looking one i’ve seen on the market. I highly recommend this for collectors and fans of the series, but not for children who simply like the movie. That neck is way to fragile!

New Loot -April

I went to the city this weekend to go to a post admissions work-shop for the school of medicine there (basically they tell us failures how to improve our applications, and better luck getting in next time). Other than the workshop, I managed to pick up some loot! went to a local comic shop and found Ignis by Monsieur Bome, this guy was going to sell it to the shop but I gave him $40 for it. The figure costs about $35-40 on ebay so I basically just saved shipping on it =). I also went to a flee market and found a lovely smoky quartz necklace for $20. Upon my return home, Black Gold Saw nendoroid (that I ordered at amiami) was waiting at my door for me =)

Overall, it was a very expensive weekend =P