Black Gold Saw Nendoroid Review

Black Gold Saw is a character from Black Rock Shooter. She plays a minor, and I do mean minor, role in the Black Rock Shooter movie. Her screen time is less than thirty seconds and she can be seen fighting Black Rock Shooter right at the beginning of the film.

“How does I use saw?”

I decided to buy this nendoroid because she looked adorable and pretty, and secondly because I did not want an incomplete Black Rock Shooter nendoroid set. I pre-ordered her off AmiAmi and paid a total of $50 with EMS (express and registered) shipping, she was released on 4/25/2011.

Packaging: Well its really just another nendoroid box, it matches the other BRS boxes nicely.

Accessories: Like the other BRS nendoroids, BGS comes with a lot of accessories! She has 2 extra faceplates (so 3 total) many extra arms and hands, a cliff for her stand which she can sit on, a stand, her saw, extra bangs for the chanxco expression, and legs that can be posed sitting down. One annoyance with the extra arms is that I cannot figure out which ones are for which poses, there are just too many and some have two stripes on the sleeves while others just have one thick one… on the other hand the stand is truly awesome. GSC just keeps improving on nendoroid stands and BGS’s is my favorite so far! Instead of having a peg which has to be inserted into a hole in the nendoroids back, this has a black magnet which magnetically attaches to the back of her hair! This is a very strong magnet and I feel confident carrying her around that house that she will not fall off the stand. Now if only they would combine the clear V-shaped base (like that of Hayate nendoroid) with the magnetic top part of this nendoroid, it would be the perfect stand.

Sculpt: This nendoroid has a great sculpt! and despite not being designated as super-moveable, has knee-joints in her legs! Yes, her normal non-sitting legs bend as well! The little spikes on the boots and the long monstrous hands also look great!

Paint: The paint job is done well. There are no obvious flaws and no scratch or extra paint marks on the nendoroid. My only gripe with the paint is that her legs look bizarre. They are made of a strange different plastic than the rest of her body and do not look the same when painted. The outfit has a nice shiny vinyl effect. Another big plus to the paint is that she does not look like her prototype and official pictures did. In the prototype pictures, she had extremely shiny hair. I’m glad to report that her hair is indeed matte. The painting on her horns is excellent as well! They are not translucent plastic, but instead just painted so that the red transitions smoothly into the black. If i was going to nitpick about anything, it would be that two of her faceplates have almost the same expression… bored and less bored? I feel they could have made a shouting face or something…


Pose-ability: If i were still ranking these categories with numbers, I would give her a 8 out of 10. I adore that her legs bend at the knees and she does come with countless different arms for different positions.

Overall: I highly recommend this nendoroid for people who are fans of BRS and just as a great nendoroid in general. She is one of the best looking nendoroids on my shelf, and is the one I usually show off to people when they ask what a nendoroid is. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the face-plates are cross compatible btw the BRS nendoroids.


Ayasaki Hayate Nendoroid Review

Ayasaki Hayate is a character from the anime Hayate no Gotoku! I have never seen this show, so I know absolutely nothing about the character. As soon as I saw this nendoroid, I knew I had to have him. He is absolutely adorable, and my soft spot for traps only helped confirm my decision to buy him. I missed out on the preorders but ended up finding him in a local shop for $60. He was released 02/2011 and is a Max Factory product.

Packaging: Looks like that of any other nendoroid!

Accessories: He comes with a lot of accessories! The usual two extra faces, Extra arms, legs and hands, Bunny ears and tail, a butler body and additional stand for it and a magical wand. One thing that bothered me was that the box shows a picture of him with closed fists, however I did not see any closed fists in the box. He only came with fists that had holes in them to hold the wand. The stands are also different from other nendoroid stands! they are clear, and attach underneath the clothes, but do not have a round base. They don’t seem as sturdy but they are much better for taking pictures since they are not as obvious as the other nendoroid stands. The stand for the butler body attaches underneath the crotch, and the stand for the trap body attaches underneath the bow in the back. Also note that the bunny tail does not attach to the nendoroid itself but instead to the stand!

Sculpt: The sculpt on this is adorable, but not great from a technical aspect. The joints on the neck are really tight and I have to remove them with pliers because they get stuck in the bodies. The bunny ears do not fit on the head perfectly so there is a small gap. However, the wand and the trap body itself look great. The butler body looks awkward and stiff since one of the arms is just sculpted in and not movable. The legs on the butler body are also immobile. This makes it look odd and less bulky in comparison to other male nendoroid bodies. The best part of the sculpt, is the view from below. Yes, you can actually see that it’s a trap!

Paint: Wow, its got some very noticeable mistakes. I almost thought I’d gotten a bootleg! However, it seems it is just a poorly manufactured legitimate product. There are some large paint scratches or marks on one of the sleeves and other on the back of his hair! The shading in the hair is pretty terrible and the dress is just a flat red. The faces are done well though and the bell on his neck is a nice metallic gold. The lines are clean and there are no bleeds, but in comparison to the scratches, I think id rather have some uneven lines.

Pose-ability: While not a super movable nendoroid, he can be placed in several different poses in his trap body. The butler body is hardly pose-able at all. One arm moves, that’s about it.

Overall: This is a great trap nendoroid! But this product with its many flaws makes me nervous about buying other Max Factory nendoroids. None of my Good Smile Company nendoroids have this many mistakes. On the other hand, it is probably one of my cutest nendoroids.

Can you tell that I like the crying face the best? lol

Kuroneko Nendoroid Review

Ruri Gokou is a supporting character in Oreimo (Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai) or translated as My little sister can’t possibly be this cute. She is a gothic lolita and an avid fan of the imaginary anime Maschera. Among the otaku community she is known as Kuroneko and is Kirino’s (the main character) best friend.

I got this nendoroid locally for $65 toward the end of May but she was released on 4-27-2011. She is produced by Good Smile Company, and despite having only been released a few months ago, there are already bootlegs of her on the internet. So proceed carefully when buying off of amazon or ebay.

Packaging: She comes in a pretty box that matches Kirino’s box. The box has a distribution sticker on the front, but I do not know if all of them do.

Accessories: She comes with quite a few accessories! Two extra faces: one arrogant one, and one angry one. She also comes with cat ears and a cat tail to recreate her cosplay. As with many nendoroids, she comes with extra hands and legs. One thing that bothered me is that she comes with many stickers but only 1 plastic dvd case. I put the Maschera sticker on the dvd case, however there are also two stickers that are much too large for the case and look like they would belong on a book. She does not come with a plastic book to match the stickers! It would have been such a nice accessory too! Her stand goes underneath her skirt but does not work very well, she is lopsided on it.

Sculpt: the sculpt on this nendoroid is really adorable! But, there are a few minor flaws. Her legs are rather bent looking, contributing to her lopsidedness on the stand. This really annoys me since I like nendoroids to display nicely. The only stand ive seen so far that is a worse fit is the stand for Arawn nendoroid. Her joints are also very loose! Im rather concerned about her head joint breaking over time.

Paint: The paint job is excellent. I did not see any mistakes! She has small ruffles and bows on her dress, and the paint does not bleed on any of this decorations. Good Smile company seems to always do well with paint though, none of my nendoroids have major paint mistakes.

Pose-ability: She is not a super moveable nendoroid, but has several different poses from the show that can be recreated.

Overall: This nendoroid is quite cute, but I wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve absolutely fallen in love with the figure or love the character or show. She is not my favorite nendoroid but she does go well with Kirino ❤ Also, where is Kosaka Kyousuke nendoroid? There really needs to be one, come on GSC!

Looks like Kuroneko made her point!

Halloweentown Sora Play Arts Review

Well, It has been quite a while since my last review! To make up for it, I will be reviewing several figures within the next week =)

Sora is the main protagonist in the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts video game series! I have the game but have never finished it because I find it ridiculously difficult. Since I already had a Play Arts Riku, I thought I should get a Sora as well. Luckily for me, Hastings had the Halloweentown Sora for $20. This toy was originally released in 04/2009.

Packaging: Sora comes in a typical Play Arts box. My favorite aspect of play arts boxes is that the toy is easy to put back inside for moving or selling purposes. One thing to watch out for on Play Arts boxes is that Play Arts have circular stickers closing the lid instead of normal tape (if it has normal tape, its probably a bootleg). Bootleg play arts boxes also have caution warning on the bottom front of the box, the real ones have the warning on the lip that sticks up from the box. The reason I mention this is because the Kingdom Hearts line is heavily bootlegged!

Accessories: Sora is sorely lacking in the accessories department. The only two things he comes with is a Play Arts stand which he doesnt need on account of his large feet, and the halloweentown keyblade. In my opinion, this is the best looking keyblade from the game and looks great as a toy as well. It has Jack Skellingtons head on the guard, and a pumpkin hanging off the chain. The pumpkin could have been painted better.


Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy looks great! He looks exactly like his video game counter-part. A few small details that bother me are that his wings look a little crooked, one of the arms seems to be attached poorly and the crotch area looks a little odd.

Paint: The paint job seems a bit dingy. I think that is intentional to match the Halloween theme. The shadowing on his face looks very appropriate but his shoulder armor looks a little odd. There are no bleeds in the paint, and his vampire teeth are painted on evenly. My favorite part of the paint job is his eye, they are so blue that they almost seem to glow. The eyes on the pumpkin mask are also very well done.

Pose-ability: He is not extremely pose-able. His legs bend at the crotch and at the knees, his elbows bend as well but the movement in his shoulder is hindered by the outfit. The ankles have a lot of movement in them to allow for action poses, but his knees didn’t seem to sturdy so I didn’t try any.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this toy! (especially since he was only $20) I am not a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts but this is a really neat looking toy, especially if anyone wants a Halloween themed toy. He looks great next to the KH Riku, but I don’t remember Sora being that short?



San Diego and a lack of anime toys

Well I got back from San Diego a few days ago, and it was a wonderful vacation! I did more in those 4 days in San Diego, than I have in months at home. I’m not going to describe everything I did, but here are some highlights:

Went to SeaWorld and pet a dolphin!

Saw the ship from Master and Commander!

Had the most delicious Japanese food I’ve ever tasted at Yummi Sushi on Coronado Island! (Though I guess that’s not saying much since I live in a desert)

In other news, A-kon is going on this weekend, and I’m slightly sad that I won’t be there to spend my life savings in the dealer’s room =P. However, San Diego was much more fun than A-kon. They do not, however, have any good anime shops! I thought a big city would have tons!

San Diego had one anime shop that I could find. Rising Sun Creations. The sign above the shop says Anime-Manga, but it should be renamed Comics-Manga. The store had a ton of manga and a ton of comic books, but almost no anime to speak of. Their selection of anime figures was also dissapointingly small (since that was my reason for going to the shop to begin with). All they had were some small trading figures, one figma, and some halo reach play arts kai. The price on the figma was extremely reasonable so I wish they would have had more toys. They also had an ok selection of plushies but I don’t collect those.

I did not however leave San Diego without getting any toys! My boyfriend bought me some stuffed animals at the zoo and seaworld =)

I also bought some acrylic risers at the Container Store to display my toys on. Now that I see how good they look, I wish I had bought more. Sadly, I could not find an acrylic staircase to put my nendoroids on, so I bought a white plastic one for them instead.

The day after I got back from San Diego, I drove to a local anime shop and bought Hideyoshi nendoroid! He is sadly being held hostage by my boyfriend until I study for the upcoming MCAT