San Diego and a lack of anime toys

Well I got back from San Diego a few days ago, and it was a wonderful vacation! I did more in those 4 days in San Diego, than I have in months at home. I’m not going to describe everything I did, but here are some highlights:

Went to SeaWorld and pet a dolphin!

Saw the ship from Master and Commander!

Had the most delicious Japanese food I’ve ever tasted at Yummi Sushi on Coronado Island! (Though I guess that’s not saying much since I live in a desert)

In other news, A-kon is going on this weekend, and I’m slightly sad that I won’t be there to spend my life savings in the dealer’s room =P. However, San Diego was much more fun than A-kon. They do not, however, have any good anime shops! I thought a big city would have tons!

San Diego had one anime shop that I could find. Rising Sun Creations. The sign above the shop says Anime-Manga, but it should be renamed Comics-Manga. The store had a ton of manga and a ton of comic books, but almost no anime to speak of. Their selection of anime figures was also dissapointingly small (since that was my reason for going to the shop to begin with). All they had were some small trading figures, one figma, and some halo reach play arts kai. The price on the figma was extremely reasonable so I wish they would have had more toys. They also had an ok selection of plushies but I don’t collect those.

I did not however leave San Diego without getting any toys! My boyfriend bought me some stuffed animals at the zoo and seaworld =)

I also bought some acrylic risers at the Container Store to display my toys on. Now that I see how good they look, I wish I had bought more. Sadly, I could not find an acrylic staircase to put my nendoroids on, so I bought a white plastic one for them instead.

The day after I got back from San Diego, I drove to a local anime shop and bought Hideyoshi nendoroid! He is sadly being held hostage by my boyfriend until I study for the upcoming MCAT


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