Halloweentown Sora Play Arts Review

Well, It has been quite a while since my last review! To make up for it, I will be reviewing several figures within the next week =)

Sora is the main protagonist in the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts video game series! I have the game but have never finished it because I find it ridiculously difficult. Since I already had a Play Arts Riku, I thought I should get a Sora as well. Luckily for me, Hastings had the Halloweentown Sora for $20. This toy was originally released in 04/2009.

Packaging: Sora comes in a typical Play Arts box. My favorite aspect of play arts boxes is that the toy is easy to put back inside for moving or selling purposes. One thing to watch out for on Play Arts boxes is that Play Arts have circular stickers closing the lid instead of normal tape (if it has normal tape, its probably a bootleg). Bootleg play arts boxes also have caution warning on the bottom front of the box, the real ones have the warning on the lip that sticks up from the box. The reason I mention this is because the Kingdom Hearts line is heavily bootlegged!

Accessories: Sora is sorely lacking in the accessories department. The only two things he comes with is a Play Arts stand which he doesnt need on account of his large feet, and the halloweentown keyblade. In my opinion, this is the best looking keyblade from the game and looks great as a toy as well. It has Jack Skellingtons head on the guard, and a pumpkin hanging off the chain. The pumpkin could have been painted better.


Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy looks great! He looks exactly like his video game counter-part. A few small details that bother me are that his wings look a little crooked, one of the arms seems to be attached poorly and the crotch area looks a little odd.

Paint: The paint job seems a bit dingy. I think that is intentional to match the Halloween theme. The shadowing on his face looks very appropriate but his shoulder armor looks a little odd. There are no bleeds in the paint, and his vampire teeth are painted on evenly. My favorite part of the paint job is his eye, they are so blue that they almost seem to glow. The eyes on the pumpkin mask are also very well done.

Pose-ability: He is not extremely pose-able. His legs bend at the crotch and at the knees, his elbows bend as well but the movement in his shoulder is hindered by the outfit. The ankles have a lot of movement in them to allow for action poses, but his knees didn’t seem to sturdy so I didn’t try any.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this toy! (especially since he was only $20) I am not a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts but this is a really neat looking toy, especially if anyone wants a Halloween themed toy. He looks great next to the KH Riku, but I don’t remember Sora being that short?




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