Kuroneko Nendoroid Review

Ruri Gokou is a supporting character in Oreimo (Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai) or translated as My little sister can’t possibly be this cute. She is a gothic lolita and an avid fan of the imaginary anime Maschera. Among the otaku community she is known as Kuroneko and is Kirino’s (the main character) best friend.

I got this nendoroid locally for $65 toward the end of May but she was released on 4-27-2011. She is produced by Good Smile Company, and despite having only been released a few months ago, there are already bootlegs of her on the internet. So proceed carefully when buying off of amazon or ebay.

Packaging: She comes in a pretty box that matches Kirino’s box. The box has a distribution sticker on the front, but I do not know if all of them do.

Accessories: She comes with quite a few accessories! Two extra faces: one arrogant one, and one angry one. She also comes with cat ears and a cat tail to recreate her cosplay. As with many nendoroids, she comes with extra hands and legs. One thing that bothered me is that she comes with many stickers but only 1 plastic dvd case. I put the Maschera sticker on the dvd case, however there are also two stickers that are much too large for the case and look like they would belong on a book. She does not come with a plastic book to match the stickers! It would have been such a nice accessory too! Her stand goes underneath her skirt but does not work very well, she is lopsided on it.

Sculpt: the sculpt on this nendoroid is really adorable! But, there are a few minor flaws. Her legs are rather bent looking, contributing to her lopsidedness on the stand. This really annoys me since I like nendoroids to display nicely. The only stand ive seen so far that is a worse fit is the stand for Arawn nendoroid. Her joints are also very loose! Im rather concerned about her head joint breaking over time.

Paint: The paint job is excellent. I did not see any mistakes! She has small ruffles and bows on her dress, and the paint does not bleed on any of this decorations. Good Smile company seems to always do well with paint though, none of my nendoroids have major paint mistakes.

Pose-ability: She is not a super moveable nendoroid, but has several different poses from the show that can be recreated.

Overall: This nendoroid is quite cute, but I wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve absolutely fallen in love with the figure or love the character or show. She is not my favorite nendoroid but she does go well with Kirino ❤ Also, where is Kosaka Kyousuke nendoroid? There really needs to be one, come on GSC!

Looks like Kuroneko made her point!


One response to “Kuroneko Nendoroid Review

  1. Luckily yours is a real one, I’ve already spotted thebootleg one and compared them.
    The bootleg one is pretty easy to recognise as fake though….

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