Ayasaki Hayate Nendoroid Review

Ayasaki Hayate is a character from the anime Hayate no Gotoku! I have never seen this show, so I know absolutely nothing about the character. As soon as I saw this nendoroid, I knew I had to have him. He is absolutely adorable, and my soft spot for traps only helped confirm my decision to buy him. I missed out on the preorders but ended up finding him in a local shop for $60. He was released 02/2011 and is a Max Factory product.

Packaging: Looks like that of any other nendoroid!

Accessories: He comes with a lot of accessories! The usual two extra faces, Extra arms, legs and hands, Bunny ears and tail, a butler body and additional stand for it and a magical wand. One thing that bothered me was that the box shows a picture of him with closed fists, however I did not see any closed fists in the box. He only came with fists that had holes in them to hold the wand. The stands are also different from other nendoroid stands! they are clear, and attach underneath the clothes, but do not have a round base. They don’t seem as sturdy but they are much better for taking pictures since they are not as obvious as the other nendoroid stands. The stand for the butler body attaches underneath the crotch, and the stand for the trap body attaches underneath the bow in the back. Also note that the bunny tail does not attach to the nendoroid itself but instead to the stand!

Sculpt: The sculpt on this is adorable, but not great from a technical aspect. The joints on the neck are really tight and I have to remove them with pliers because they get stuck in the bodies. The bunny ears do not fit on the head perfectly so there is a small gap. However, the wand and the trap body itself look great. The butler body looks awkward and stiff since one of the arms is just sculpted in and not movable. The legs on the butler body are also immobile. This makes it look odd and less bulky in comparison to other male nendoroid bodies. The best part of the sculpt, is the view from below. Yes, you can actually see that it’s a trap!

Paint: Wow, its got some very noticeable mistakes. I almost thought I’d gotten a bootleg! However, it seems it is just a poorly manufactured legitimate product. There are some large paint scratches or marks on one of the sleeves and other on the back of his hair! The shading in the hair is pretty terrible and the dress is just a flat red. The faces are done well though and the bell on his neck is a nice metallic gold. The lines are clean and there are no bleeds, but in comparison to the scratches, I think id rather have some uneven lines.

Pose-ability: While not a super movable nendoroid, he can be placed in several different poses in his trap body. The butler body is hardly pose-able at all. One arm moves, that’s about it.

Overall: This is a great trap nendoroid! But this product with its many flaws makes me nervous about buying other Max Factory nendoroids. None of my Good Smile Company nendoroids have this many mistakes. On the other hand, it is probably one of my cutest nendoroids.

Can you tell that I like the crying face the best? lol


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