Black Gold Saw Nendoroid Review

Black Gold Saw is a character from Black Rock Shooter. She plays a minor, and I do mean minor, role in the Black Rock Shooter movie. Her screen time is less than thirty seconds and she can be seen fighting Black Rock Shooter right at the beginning of the film.

“How does I use saw?”

I decided to buy this nendoroid because she looked adorable and pretty, and secondly because I did not want an incomplete Black Rock Shooter nendoroid set. I pre-ordered her off AmiAmi and paid a total of $50 with EMS (express and registered) shipping, she was released on 4/25/2011.

Packaging: Well its really just another nendoroid box, it matches the other BRS boxes nicely.

Accessories: Like the other BRS nendoroids, BGS comes with a lot of accessories! She has 2 extra faceplates (so 3 total) many extra arms and hands, a cliff for her stand which she can sit on, a stand, her saw, extra bangs for the chanxco expression, and legs that can be posed sitting down. One annoyance with the extra arms is that I cannot figure out which ones are for which poses, there are just too many and some have two stripes on the sleeves while others just have one thick one… on the other hand the stand is truly awesome. GSC just keeps improving on nendoroid stands and BGS’s is my favorite so far! Instead of having a peg which has to be inserted into a hole in the nendoroids back, this has a black magnet which magnetically attaches to the back of her hair! This is a very strong magnet and I feel confident carrying her around that house that she will not fall off the stand. Now if only they would combine the clear V-shaped base (like that of Hayate nendoroid) with the magnetic top part of this nendoroid, it would be the perfect stand.

Sculpt: This nendoroid has a great sculpt! and despite not being designated as super-moveable, has knee-joints in her legs! Yes, her normal non-sitting legs bend as well! The little spikes on the boots and the long monstrous hands also look great!

Paint: The paint job is done well. There are no obvious flaws and no scratch or extra paint marks on the nendoroid. My only gripe with the paint is that her legs look bizarre. They are made of a strange different plastic than the rest of her body and do not look the same when painted. The outfit has a nice shiny vinyl effect. Another big plus to the paint is that she does not look like her prototype and official pictures did. In the prototype pictures, she had extremely shiny hair. I’m glad to report that her hair is indeed matte. The painting on her horns is excellent as well! They are not translucent plastic, but instead just painted so that the red transitions smoothly into the black. If i was going to nitpick about anything, it would be that two of her faceplates have almost the same expression… bored and less bored? I feel they could have made a shouting face or something…


Pose-ability: If i were still ranking these categories with numbers, I would give her a 8 out of 10. I adore that her legs bend at the knees and she does come with countless different arms for different positions.

Overall: I highly recommend this nendoroid for people who are fans of BRS and just as a great nendoroid in general. She is one of the best looking nendoroids on my shelf, and is the one I usually show off to people when they ask what a nendoroid is. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the face-plates are cross compatible btw the BRS nendoroids.


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