Snow Villiers Play Arts Kai Review

As the title suggests, today I’m going to review Play Arts Kai Snow Villiers. Snow is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XIII. I never really liked Snow much in the short time that I played the game, and I wasn’t very interested in the toy. So you may be thinking, why did I buy it at all? Well I found it for an unbeatable price and its nice to have a complete set of 3 figures. Yes, there were other FF13 toys, but the first wave consisted only of Snow Villiers, Lightning, and Vanille.

This toy is produced by Square Enix and was released in 12/2009 at a price of $50. I got this toy for only $17 on clearance sale at ToysRUS.

Packaging: The packaging is the typical large square play arts kai box. The thing I enjoy most about these boxes, is that they are easy to store! and, as usual, the circle sticker closing the box is an indication  that the toy is authentic.

Accessories: Snow comes with only a few accessories. He comes with two extra hands and a stand. That is it. No weapons, no extra heads…Not sure what else he could have come with since I don’t know enough about the character, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Stand: This stand is truly lousy. It is the same stand as the one that comes with Play Arts Kai Lightning. The stand is clear plastic and has a pose-able arm that attaches to the figure at the waist. My biggest problem with these stands is that they aren’t sturdy. They cannot hold up the figures weight and will collapse if a mid-air pose is attempted. They also do not look good on a shelf.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this toy is pretty good, but it is not as good as the sculpt of the newer Play Arts Kai models. The knee and elbow joints look extremely awkward and unnatural. There are also very noticeable seam lines on the hair. The shoulder joint also looks strange. Other than that, the toys is an exact image of its video game counterpart. He is quite tall and looks great next to Lightning and Vanille.

Paint: The paint job on this is poor. I was going to say atrocious, but only bootlegs have atrocious paint jobs. His face,  much like Lightnings, is painted poorly. It has no depth or expression, and the eyes look flat. There are many places on this toy where the paint job is uneven (for example; the border of his shirt). There are also some paint scuffs on his black bandana. The coat color also looks strange. I assume they were trying to put shading on the tan coat, but the colors don’t seem to be blended very well. I do, however, really like the paint job on his facial stubble. Yes,he has stubble. It really doesn’t look bad. His arm tattoo is also nicely done, and the plaid on his skirt has nice even lines.

Pose-ability: The pose-ability of this toy is great! He can be placed in a variety of poses due to his double joints. His hands, head, and ankles also allow slight movement. My favorite part of this toy, is that the coat is also move-able, and removable (turning it into a jacket). I’m not entirely sure that the coat was meant to be removable, but mine comes apart easily and is just as easily put back together.

Overall: I do not regret buying this toy, but I only buy the toys I want. I only wanted this toy to complete my collection, and would say that unless you’re a big fan of the game, skip it. He certainly looks good next to the other FF13 figures.


2 responses to “Snow Villiers Play Arts Kai Review

  1. $17?! Holy crap! I never even thought of hitting up any actual stores to expand my collection since I’ve mostly been buying Japanese ones… I may have to start making regular trips to my local Toys ‘R’ Us now!

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