Early August Loot!

So today I went on a 4 hour excursion to the big city, mainly in the hopes of finding Play Arts Kai dissidia Cloud and Squall there. No such luck…I however did find the basic line Draculaura Monster High doll that I’ve been looking for. I was so happy they had her in stock (she is sold out locally).

The big surprise of the day, however, was finding the Play Arts Rinoa from FF8. This is an older toy so I thought I would have to order her off the internet eventually, but there she was sitting in the anime shop in the used toy section. She is even still in her box, though this box has definitely seen better days. For $30, I just couldn’t pass her up.

All in all, I may not have found what I was looking for, but did find something that I wasn’t expecting. I also saw that Borders bookstore is going out of business… I suppose this is old news, but I was shocked. I much prefer Borders over the Barnes and Noble we have locally. RIP Borders, you were a great bookstore with a pleasantly large manga section.

Here’s the loot:


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