Kinoshita Hideyoshi Nendoroid Review

Kinoshita Hideyoshi is one of the characters in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. He is a trap character and is often mistaken as a girl. I do not enjoy this show and have only seen two episodes. I bought this nendoroid purely because of his cute looks, and the fact that I have a soft spot for traps. I waited nearly two months to open this nendoroid after purchasing it, because of studying. The waiting almost made me like this nendoroid more than I would have otherwise.

I bought this at a local anime shops several months ago for $65. This nendoroid was originally released 5-27-2011 and was manufactured by Good Smile Company.

Packaging: This is the typical square nendoroid box. This box has a very nice design of stars on a white background. All nendoroid boxes have a viewing window in the front through which the nendoroid can be seen, which is nice. This box also has a black and white circular sticker on the front.

Accessories: Hideyoshi comes with a sitting cushion, an extra set of sitting legs, sitting arms, a bent leg, a stand, extra hands, his little summon person, a box of oranges, a wooden writing board, and two additional faces. The biggest problem with the accessories is the stand. It is  a clear square stand that attaches with a peg into the nendoroids back. On mine, the hole in the nendoroids back is too small for the peg to fit in, so Hideyoshi easily falls off the stand.

Sculpt: The sculpt of this nendoroid is pretty good. The hair especially looks excellent, just like his anime counter part. There are a few small problems with the sculpt. The extra sitting position arms have pegs that are too large for the arm holes. If they are inserted, they will stretch the arm holes and the normal arms will then only fit loosely. The nendoroid is also not particularly stable on his sitting cushion. He topples over easily. His sitting legs have little slits in them that the jacket fits into nicely.I’ve also hear that alot of people have problems with the neck joint breaking. I haven’t had any problems with the neck joint.

Paint: The paint job on this nendoroid is excellent. There are very few mistakes if any. His large green eyes and slightly blushing cheeks are absolutely adorable. His face seems a little less matte than most of my nendoroids, but he is not shiny like a bootleg. All the lines on the outfit are clean and there are no bleeds in the paint. The paint on the summon is also very good, and accurate for being so small.

Pose-ability: He is not a super moveable nendoroid but does come with enough extra arms and legs to allow for a variety of different poses. I tend to always have him displayed in his sitting pose, since the stand isnt stable. This is also the cutest pose in my opinion.

Overall: This nendoroid is very cute, but definitely not my favorite. There are too many issues with the arms not fitting and him tipping over at every opportunity.


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