Madoka Nendoroid Acquired

Madoka finally came in! last weekend…lol I have been to busy to update my blog lately. But she finally arrived from Japan. I was a little concerned since I used Sal Parcel for the first time instead of EMS shipping to save a couple of bucks. Thankfully my concerns turned out to be fruitless since she arrived safe and sound. She is definitely one of the most detailed nendoroids to date (at least out of the ones I own).



Picture a Day

I don’t have time to update often with long blog posts (this semester), so I will start doing a Picture a Day post instead. These will be simple posts of just one picture of my toys. I wont do them every day, but expect at least one a week! Don’t worry I will still write toy reviews when I get around to it =D

Black Rock Shooter Girls:

New Room and toy set-up

Last weekend, I decided that I could no longer stand the cluttered look of my room. So I spent 4 hours rearranging all the furniture and the toys. Here are the results:

Before: (Corner by the window)

After: (Corner by the window)

The rest of the improved room:

Toy Shelves:

FFVII Collection:

Completed Models shelf:

Black Butler Shelf:

The Black Butler nendoroids got moved to the nendoroid shelf.

Bleach Shelf:

The Bleach toynami and trading figures got moved to the odds and ends shelf, they made the Bleach shelf look too busy.

Odds and Ends shelf:

I’m going to sell most of my story image Kenshin figures, with the exception of Kenshin himself who is still displayed.

Petite nendoroid shelf:

Kingdom Hearts and FF13 shelf:

Final Fantasy 8 & 10 shelf:

Nendoroid shelf:

This nendoroid shelf has reached critical mass! I have 6 more pre-ordered nendoroids on the way between now and January, and no place to put them. I really want to get a shelf just for nendoroids but have also run out of free wall space in my room. What a dilemma…

Strength Nendoroid Acquired

I got my Strength nendoroid! She is really cute! My Black Rock Shooter collection is finally complete! (I really hope they don’t announce more BRS nendoroids, my budget can’t handle it)

I ordered her from Figure Haven.

I have only good things to say about this shop. Their prices were extremely good and the shipping is a flat-rate of $5 for the United States. They reply to e-mails promptly, and shipped my items the day that I ordered them. The nendoroid was packed quite well! The items are legitimate (no bootlegs) and distributed from AAA anime. I highly recommend this store for any US customers!

Well enough about Figure Haven, here is my newest nendoroid:

Blogging Disaster

The unthinkable has happened (over-dramatized), I have reached the 3GB upload limit on my blog!!! Dun Dun Dun.

I’m so sorry to my readers for uploading huge pictures! I never realized that I had to re-size them. I am silly! So now I will fix my mistake and go back through all my blog posts to re-size and re-upload the pictures. Since this blog is just my hobby, I will not purchase a space upgrade, so bear with me while I re-load the pictures. If you click on a post and there are no pictures, be patient they should be available again shortly!

On a happy note, the Strength nendoroid I ordered should be in by Friday, and my Black Rock Shooter collection will finally be complete =)