New Room and toy set-up

Last weekend, I decided that I could no longer stand the cluttered look of my room. So I spent 4 hours rearranging all the furniture and the toys. Here are the results:

Before: (Corner by the window)

After: (Corner by the window)

The rest of the improved room:

Toy Shelves:

FFVII Collection:

Completed Models shelf:

Black Butler Shelf:

The Black Butler nendoroids got moved to the nendoroid shelf.

Bleach Shelf:

The Bleach toynami and trading figures got moved to the odds and ends shelf, they made the Bleach shelf look too busy.

Odds and Ends shelf:

I’m going to sell most of my story image Kenshin figures, with the exception of Kenshin himself who is still displayed.

Petite nendoroid shelf:

Kingdom Hearts and FF13 shelf:

Final Fantasy 8 & 10 shelf:

Nendoroid shelf:

This nendoroid shelf has reached critical mass! I have 6 more pre-ordered nendoroids on the way between now and January, and no place to put them. I really want to get a shelf just for nendoroids but have also run out of free wall space in my room. What a dilemma…


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