Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It’s the end of one of my favorite months of the year and I haven’t really had much time to actually enjoy October, which makes me rather sad.  I did carve some pumpkins, make a costume, and hand out candy, so all was not lost. I haven’t had time to update the blog lately, nor have I bought any new toys this month. Now we move on to November, time flies. Next month should bring in some new toys orders, and hopefully I will have time to post some reviews! =)

Here are some Halloween pictures I took with my toys:

Deadmaster trick or treating as Madoka

Madoka all dressed up and ready to go!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have a safe and a fun one!


Play Arts Rinoa Heartilly Review

Rinoa Heartilly is the main heroine from Final Fantasy VIII and the love interest of Squall, the protagonist. FF8 was not one of my favorite games, but the character designs were great.

I got this toy at a local anime store for $30, and was rather surprised to see it there. The store buys and sells used toys, but this Rinoa was still new in box. Even though, the box had seen better days, I still decided to go for it. She was produced by Square Enix, and was originally released in 04/2006.

Box: Well typical Play Arts box, mine is no longer in good condition. This box has the Final Fantasy VIII logo on the front. The box has normal tape instead of circular tape which is normal for the FF8 line.

Accessories: Wow, well she comes with two extra hands and a stand. Yup, that’s it. Just some hands and a stand.The stand is the black old style doll stand that Play Arts came with. It has square enix copyright on it, which is an indication that the toy is legitimate. Only Tifa was this pathetic in accessories. I can’t really think of anything else that she could have come with, but I’m sure there must have been something…

Sculpt: Overall, She looks great! There is really nice texture on her knit coat, and her shiny skirt. The metal necklace  and black ribbon on her arm are also very nice touches. The ribbon is very detailed, but the rest of the sculpt is pretty plain. It’s a simple character design and I feel that the sculpt stays true to it. The arm joints do not look great, but the knees and ankles look pretty good. The only minor complaint that I have is that the inside of her coat is smooth and doesn’t have the knit texture of the outside. It’s a tiny detail though.

Paint: The paint job on this toy is decent. It’s not perfect, but it’s not horrible either. The wings on her blue coat are a nice touch, and the skirt has lovely shading in it. However, the paint lines are not perfect. Bleeds in the paint always annoy me, but they are very small on this figure. There is some dirt on her face, which is irritating since the figure is new in box(I might be able to get it off, but I haven’t tried yet). So the paint job looks pretty good, but her face…Her face is one of Play Arts worst, even worse than my factory defect Lightning and her wonky lips. This Rinoa is anything but pretty when it comes to her face, which is  a shame because I usually adore Play Arts eyes and faces.

Pose-ability: She is fairly pose-able for an older Play Arts. Her ankles bend. Her head moves. Her arms have quite a large range of motion because they bend at the elbow and twist just above the elbow. Her knees also bend; despite the amount of clothing she is wearing, they seem to bend more than Tifa’s knees did. She is actually really fun to pose.

Overall: Probably a 7 out of 10, because of her face. What can I say, I really like faces! However, I definitely recommend her for any FF8 fan, she makes a great addition to the final fantasy collection. She’s fun to play with, looks really good overall (ignoring the face), and looks good on the shelf next to Squall.