Strength Nendoroid Review

Strength is a character from Black Rock Shooter. Black Rock Shooter was originally a song and video made with the Vocaloid program. Since then, it has been turned into an anime movie, and will soon be a anime series. Strength is the otherworld version of a character named Yuu. She is depicted only for a few moments in the movie and doesn’t have much of a story line yet. We can only hope she gets more screen time in the upcoming Black Rock Shooter anime series.

I got this nendoroid from Figure Haven for $50 on 9/07/2011. It was my first experience ordering with Figure Haven, and I would definitely recommend them as a great shop. This is nendoroid number 166 which was produced by Good Smile Company and originally released on 7/26/2011.

Packaging: Typical nendoroid box. I like these boxes because they are easy to store and it is easy to place the nendoroid back inside the box for transportation.

Accessories: Strength comes with a good selection of accessories. She has extra bangs, sitting body and sitting arms, and normal arms. She does not come with any weapons, but her “robot” arms are supposed to serve as her weapons. She sadly only comes with one extra face. While she definitely has more accessories than a lot of older nendoroids, she doesn’t have as many as the other BRS girls. Her extra hair piece is rather indistinguishable from the first one, it looks extremely similar to the one she is already wearing. The only difference is that one set of bangs has pointy ends and the other straight ends. The stand on this nendoroid is exactly like BRS’s, but sadly mine has a large scratch on it =(.

Sculpt: The sculpt on this nendoroid is absolutely excellent. I do not think they could have envisioned a cuter chibi version of Strength. The proportion of her large arms to her body is just right, and her tail is adorable. The hood on top of her hair is not removable, but the lower half of the hood covering her face is. She looks rather chubby without the bottom half of the hood. The tail is also not removable. My only real gripe with the sculpt is that her robot arms are too heavy. They make her arm sockets loose. She feels very fragile overall, and I am afraid to play with her. Unlike the other nendoroids, she does not feel very sturdy.

Paint: The paint job one her faces and hood is excellent! The hair has slight grey shading in it, which gives it some dimension. The eyes and face are absolutely adorable. Her robot arms also have some shading, making them look worn and used. It is a neat effect and makes them look more metallic. The dress, however, has a few bleeds in the paint job. The lines are not perfect and the bow on her back could have been better. This is really just me nitpicking…few figures have perfect paint with straight lines.

Pose-ability: She is quite the pose-able nendoroid. Her pose-ability is hindered by the fact that the arms are heavy, and don’t stay in certain positions for very long. The best part of this nendoroid is that the fingers of her robotic hands have hinges in them. Yes, the robotic hands are slightly moveable. She is not a super move-able nendoroid, so she does not have hinges in her torso, knees, and elbows.

Overall: Overall this is a great nendoroid, I would probably only give her an 8 out of 10. This is because I like to photograph and “play” with my toys, but handling her makes me nervous because of how fragile she feels. This nendoroid does look impressive on a shelf, and is definitely a must have for any Black Rock Shooter collection.


One response to “Strength Nendoroid Review

  1. I have yet to get a Nendo but this one is just so adorable. I love that a almost literally 10 second character has multiple figures out. Makes me kinda sad when I think back to my own childhood and how the figures I could buy were so limited and crappy. Now all these manga/games/anime have figures everywhere if you’re willing to pay the higher prices.

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