Christmas Loot 2011

It seems that during the semester when I’m busy, I would love nothing more than to blog. But now that I have free time, getting around to blogging takes a while.

Here is my Christmas loot! Did I get everything I wanted from my wishlist? not even close! Did I want and love everything I got? Heck yes! So I received nendoroid Ikaros, nendo Nymph, revoltech Wall-E, Create-a-Monster Monster High bee girl, skeleton girl, triclops, and dragon/werewolf pack. Did I get things other than toys for Christmas? Of course! but they are not relevant to this blog.

Funny story about the nendoroids Ikaros and Nymph. I had pre-ordered these lovelies back in the summer when they first were available for pre-order. I waited for them for a very long time, through a stressful semester, and the nendoroids release being delayed a month. When they finally shipped to my parents house (I never ship to mine because I don’t trust my mail man), my parents took the toys hostage! They decided to give me my own order for Christmas! Lol. Sweet thought since they did not know what to get me. Now I have the money to order two more nendoroids that I would not have ordered otherwise.

I also got a Steiff penguin stuffed animal, but forgot to take a picture of it.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Remember Christmas is not the time to stress or about presents, its about spending time with family, relaxing, and being joyful. Though family can sometimes make that difficult =).

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Christmas!

If you are not in the Holiday mood yet, here are my ten favorite Christmas movies, with number one being the best: =)

1. A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart version

2. Miracle on 34th Street – 1947 version

3. The Santa Clause

4. White Christmas

5. Borrowed Hearts

6. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

7. Home Alone

8. A Christmas Story

9. Scrooged

10. The Polar Express

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Upcoming Nendoroids

Originally, I was going to write a review of my Madoka nendoroid and found I did not have the energy. Then I was going to list my ten favorite Christmas movies (I’m in the holiday spirit) but figured that is unrelated to my blog. So instead I decided to post about upcoming nendoroids that I find interesting. I haven’t posted any upcoming figures in a while.

First I’ll mention Taneshima Popura from Working: She is cute but I probably will not buy her because there are other nendoroids that I want more. However, there are two cafe themed Play Sets that are also from Working that seem like they would be a lot of fun. Both the nendoroid and the play sets are set to release in 04/2012.

Nendoroid Sakura Kyoko from Madoka: I had originally intended to collect all the Madoka nendoroids but have decided to only buy the Mami to accompany my madoka. However Sakura will be released 05/2012 for those that do want her.

Nendoroid Miki Sayaka from Madoka: Ok she is adorable, but there are still other nendoroids that I would rather have, must prioritize! Her release date is 04/2012.

Nendoroid Saber and Tohsaka Cheerful version: When I first saw these I was enamored. They have beautiful faces and heads…but those cheerleader costumes look rather awful. I probably will not be ordering these and hope that they make a normal nendo version of Tohsaka. These two nendoroids come in a bundle and release in 05/2012. Some proceeds from the Cheerful version nendoroids go to the relief effort in Japan.

Nendoroid Yune from Crossroads to a Foreign Labyrinth: I had actually pre-ordered this a few months ago, then I thought the nendoroid looked a little strange. So I cancelled my order…now she looks adorable again and I wish I had not cancelled. Here’s to hoping she will be available from an American distributor after release (in 01/2012)!

Nendoroid Haqua: Adorable Elsie’s companion. If I manage to get a hold of an Elsie, then I think I will want this one as well! She releases in 01/2012.

Nendoroid Touwa Erio: This is the prettiest nendoroid I have ever seen. There is something unique about her that I just cannot place my finger on. I did not pre-order her because orders from Japan are getting too expensive, hopefully she will be available at American shops post release.

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012: Why Good Smile Company? Why?! Too many nice nendoroids and no end in sight! This is unbearably cute, and I don’t even like Miku or Vocaloid! I must order this as soon as its available. It is limited and exclusive, so here is to buying one as soon as orders are available! release is in 02/2012.

There are many more nendoroids coming out soon, but these were the few that caught my eye. I haven’t even managed to buy the old ones that I wanted…and really shouldn’t be looking at upcoming ones. For a full list of nendoroids that are coming up and more pictures go to: Good Smile Company.

I still want to blog about my favorite Christmas movies…maybe tomorrow…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s time for my yearly Christmas toy wishlist! I must say this year there is a lot more that I want than last year. I have been a bad girl,¬† I did not accomplish nearly half of what I wanted to in this past year. So maybe I don’t deserve much on my list :p. But here it goes:

Anime toys:

revoltech Wall-E

Nendoroid Elsie

Nendoroid Mami

Play arts Kai Cloud

Play arts red XIII and cait sith

Monster High Dolls:

Lagoona Hydration station

Sweet 1600 Draculaura

Sweet 1600 Frankie Stein




So, what toys are on your wishlist?

Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

Ok so yesterday was St. Nikolaus Day, not today. But I forgot! I’ve been so stressed with school and life that it completely slipped my mind. Oh well, Happy Belated St. Nikolaus Day to everyone! Hope you all put out your shoes and got candy and fruit =D

I did get a furreal pet penguin¬† (despite forgetting about the day) . Furreal pets are honestly the most hideous toys I have seen in a while, and don’t seem particularly fun for children to play with. However, I adore penguins and collect them. This furreal penguin is adorable and probably the only furreal pet that doesn’t look like an animal was skinned and placed on top of a robot. Furreal pets are robotic pets that can cry and in some cases walk…All my penguin does is cry and ask for food. The robotics are extremely noisy so I keep it turned off. Despite the toys design flaws, it is just really really cute and a great addition to my penguin collection.

I also took pictures of my Play Arts Kai Toushiro (from Bleach) in the snow! I have been waiting to take pics of him in snow since I got him last Christmas! Taking pictures of him made me realize once again how awesomely detailed he is, for a full review, just take a look at my reviews page. “Reign above the Frozen Heavens Hyourinmaru!”

Let it Snow!

I’ve been thinking about my 24 picture a day of Christmas idea, and realize in retrospect that its not such a good one. Quality over quantity right? So instead, no special Christmas blogging adventure this year. But I will try to post more often than usual leading up to Christmas, about anime toys and/or monster high dolls.

So today was unique in that it snowed in the desert. It hasn’t snowed in a while, with the exception of a blizzard that happened last year. Before that, it hadn’t snowed in years…I had intended to take pictures of my toys in the snow but daylight escaped me before I worked up the courage to go outside in the cold. I did, however, get pictures through my window of the snow’s progression:

Let’s say I’m definitely dreaming about a white Christmas, though it will probably all be melted by tomorrow (at which point, I will be back to blogging about toys=P)