Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

Ok so yesterday was St. Nikolaus Day, not today. But I forgot! I’ve been so stressed with school and life that it completely slipped my mind. Oh well, Happy Belated St. Nikolaus Day to everyone! Hope you all put out your shoes and got candy and fruit =D

I did get a furreal pet penguin  (despite forgetting about the day) . Furreal pets are honestly the most hideous toys I have seen in a while, and don’t seem particularly fun for children to play with. However, I adore penguins and collect them. This furreal penguin is adorable and probably the only furreal pet that doesn’t look like an animal was skinned and placed on top of a robot. Furreal pets are robotic pets that can cry and in some cases walk…All my penguin does is cry and ask for food. The robotics are extremely noisy so I keep it turned off. Despite the toys design flaws, it is just really really cute and a great addition to my penguin collection.

I also took pictures of my Play Arts Kai Toushiro (from Bleach) in the snow! I have been waiting to take pics of him in snow since I got him last Christmas! Taking pictures of him made me realize once again how awesomely detailed he is, for a full review, just take a look at my reviews page. “Reign above the Frozen Heavens Hyourinmaru!”


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