Upcoming Nendoroids

Originally, I was going to write a review of my Madoka nendoroid and found I did not have the energy. Then I was going to list my ten favorite Christmas movies (I’m in the holiday spirit) but figured that is unrelated to my blog. So instead I decided to post about upcoming nendoroids that I find interesting. I haven’t posted any upcoming figures in a while.

First I’ll mention Taneshima Popura from Working: She is cute but I probably will not buy her because there are other nendoroids that I want more. However, there are two cafe themed Play Sets that are also from Working that seem like they would be a lot of fun. Both the nendoroid and the play sets are set to release in 04/2012.

Nendoroid Sakura Kyoko from Madoka: I had originally intended to collect all the Madoka nendoroids but have decided to only buy the Mami to accompany my madoka. However Sakura will be released 05/2012 for those that do want her.

Nendoroid Miki Sayaka from Madoka: Ok she is adorable, but there are still other nendoroids that I would rather have, must prioritize! Her release date is 04/2012.

Nendoroid Saber and Tohsaka Cheerful version: When I first saw these I was enamored. They have beautiful faces and heads…but those cheerleader costumes look rather awful. I probably will not be ordering these and hope that they make a normal nendo version of Tohsaka. These two nendoroids come in a bundle and release in 05/2012. Some proceeds from the Cheerful version nendoroids go to the relief effort in Japan.

Nendoroid Yune from Crossroads to a Foreign Labyrinth: I had actually pre-ordered this a few months ago, then I thought the nendoroid looked a little strange. So I cancelled my order…now she looks adorable again and I wish I had not cancelled. Here’s to hoping she will be available from an American distributor after release (in 01/2012)!

Nendoroid Haqua: Adorable Elsie’s companion. If I manage to get a hold of an Elsie, then I think I will want this one as well! She releases in 01/2012.

Nendoroid Touwa Erio: This is the prettiest nendoroid I have ever seen. There is something unique about her that I just cannot place my finger on. I did not pre-order her because orders from Japan are getting too expensive, hopefully she will be available at American shops post release.

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2012: Why Good Smile Company? Why?! Too many nice nendoroids and no end in sight! This is unbearably cute, and I don’t even like Miku or Vocaloid! I must order this as soon as its available. It is limited and exclusive, so here is to buying one as soon as orders are available! release is in 02/2012.

There are many more nendoroids coming out soon, but these were the few that caught my eye. I haven’t even managed to buy the old ones that I wanted…and really shouldn’t be looking at upcoming ones. For a full list of nendoroids that are coming up and more pictures go to: Good Smile Company.

I still want to blog about my favorite Christmas movies…maybe tomorrow…


One response to “Upcoming Nendoroids

  1. I had just about the same reaction to the Saber & Rin nendos. I initially thought they were so cute and darn near set a reminder to order them, but the more I focused on their uniforms the more I started to dislike the figures.

    Oh well!

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