Christmas Loot 2011

It seems that during the semester when I’m busy, I would love nothing more than to blog. But now that I have free time, getting around to blogging takes a while.

Here is my Christmas loot! Did I get everything I wanted from my wishlist? not even close! Did I want and love everything I got? Heck yes! So I received nendoroid Ikaros, nendo Nymph, revoltech Wall-E, Create-a-Monster Monster High bee girl, skeleton girl, triclops, and dragon/werewolf pack. Did I get things other than toys for Christmas? Of course! but they are not relevant to this blog.

Funny story about the nendoroids Ikaros and Nymph. I had pre-ordered these lovelies back in the summer when they first were available for pre-order. I waited for them for a very long time, through a stressful semester, and the nendoroids release being delayed a month. When they finally shipped to my parents house (I never ship to mine because I don’t trust my mail man), my parents took the toys hostage! They decided to give me my own order for Christmas! Lol. Sweet thought since they did not know what to get me. Now I have the money to order two more nendoroids that I would not have ordered otherwise.

I also got a Steiff penguin stuffed animal, but forgot to take a picture of it.


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