Happy New Year! 2012!

2011 has come and gone! It has been an eventful year, and hopefully 2012 will be even better! The best toys I bought in 2011? probably any of the Monster High dolls, and either the Oreimo nendoroids or the Madoka nendoroid. Sadly, I did not buy any 1/8 or 1/6 scale figures, they are simply too expensive. Best anime I saw in 2011? probably Madoka Magika or Oreimo. The figures I regret not buying in 2011? G.E.M Lelouch, GSC Triela, and AxO Tia Harribel. I did not accomplish many of my new years resolutions in 2011, hopefully this year I will follow them!

New Year’s Resolutions 2012:

1. Reign in my Collection! – How should I accomplish this? I’m thinking of selling of all trading figures with the exception of the nendoroid petites! I just can’t seem to let go  of the bigger ones and the play arts to make room for new ones =(

2 De-clutter – Once again a problem. Maybe I could rotate which toys I display every few months? Then I feel bad about not displaying all of them though.

3. Do not buy every Monster High doll that releases!  I used to be very picky about the Monster High Dolls that I bought, but now a days, I just crave them all.

4. Buy only 12 nendoroids, the entire year. This may sound like a lot of nendoroids but with GSC releasing 10-20 a month, picking only one a month or 12 for the whole year will be difficult.

5. Blog more

6. Dust my toys more often…that is a daunting task…

7. Create Monster High Custom dolls – already have ideas for a steampunk set or a set of anime characters.

8. The typical non toy-collecting related resolutions such as get in shape, get a job, study more…

So, what are your new years resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone!


One response to “Happy New Year! 2012!

  1. My #1 resolution is simple: Budget better.

    Looking through my upcoming pre-ordered items on AmiAmi makes my wallet scream for mercy. My selective memory seems to kick in every time an awesome figure is revealed and next thing I know I have to find someway to obtain $60+ every month. March and April are going to be particularly horrible with $200 each.

    I’ll probably have to steal your #6 resolution too. I look at my figures and can’t help but laugh as each one has varying amounts of dust coating them, haha. Looking forward to your #5. 🙂

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