Madoka Nendoroid Review

Madoka is the main character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( aka. Mahou Shojou Madoka Majika). In this anime, girls make contracts with a small demon-like creature called Kyubey. The contract involves the granting of one wish in exchange for the girls using magical powers to fight witches. This show is really a clever and artsy deconstruction of magical girl animes.This review has been a long time coming, and I can honestly say that I’ve been taking a long break from blogging mostly due to laziness, but I’m back!

This nendoroid came out 8/26/2011 and I got her in September or October (so she really has been sitting a while before I got around to this review =P). Not that I usually advertise for stores, but there are still some of her available  at Figure Haven.

Packaging: As per most nendoroid boxes, the box is sturdy and nice. It is conveniently small and square, and therefore easy to store.

Accessories: Madoka comes with a lot of accessories! The best accessory by far is Kuybey, but he should just be considered his own little figure. Kuybey even comes with two torsos; one for sitting and the other for hanging off of Madoka’s arm. Madoka also comes with the typical extra arms and legs in order to accomodate her accessories. She comes with her magical bow and arrow which are sculpted really nicely. The sheer pink touch on the bow and arrow really add something extra. As with other nendoroids, she includes three different face plates. As an extra added touch, she also includes two types of bows for her hair. Essentially, she comes with all the accessories necessary to replicate some action scenes in the anime, or to look like the sketch she does of herself ( longer hair bows and very doodled eyes, you’ll see what I mean in the pictures). A constant source of nendoroid tragedy for me are the clear square stands. I really miss the old round stands, they were less noticeable and looked classier on a shelf.

Sculpt: This nendoroid has a very detailed sculpt. She does make a good Chibi representation of Madoka, but comes across as looking kind of chubby. My roommate went as far as to say that she looked like a little whale, but that’s an exaggeration. Her dress includes all the bows, small details, and super puffy skirt like in the anime. She even has ruffly panties! Like many new nendoroids, her arms and legs (but especially her arms) look a little too long for her body. The older nendoroids don’t have such long ape-like arms, I don’t know why or when they started changing the proportions. Overall, she is still a cutie.

Paint: The paint is excellent. Like most nendoroids, she has nice matte paint so if you have a shiny one, beware! The eyes are great, and have a very drawn/sketchy feel to them. There aren’t many paint mistakes which is impressive for a nendoroid with so many small details. Even little Kyubey has perfect paint.

Pose-ability: She is not a super move-able nendoroid, but comes with enough parts to be displayed in a variety of poses. I actually find this kind of annoying, as it makes her a lot more difficult to play with (maybe I’m just too lazy to switch out all the little pieces). She can be placed in a normal pose, a fighting pose, or a happy pose. Kyubey can also be posed either sitting or hanging. His tail and head are removable so the body can be switched out. She seems to have a standard face plate size and can therefore switch face plates with many nendoroids.

Overall: I’m really unsure of what rating to give this nendoroid. There is technically nothing wrong with her but she is not my favorite. This could be because her design did not catch my eye until I had seen and become a fan of the show. She was not cute enough to win me over before that, and some nendoroids are (for example: Elsie and Ikaros).

So does she win you over at first sight?



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