New Play Arts Kai

Well this title might be a little misleading, I haven’t bought a new Play Arts Kai figure in a while! I missed out on the last set that I wanted because of Square Enix’s shoddy quality control. Both the Dissidia Cloud and Squall had dreadful side effects such as botched paint, scratches in the weapons, and (in Cloud’s case) a detached head. To my dismay, I never did find those figure again in better condition.

The true topic of today’s post is about the new Play Arts Kai coming out this year! For all of you video game fans out there, this will be a good year. For me, not so much. The only video games I play with any frequency are Guild Wars and Fallout. Sadly there are no figures for those. So, I find myself more than a little disappointed that Square Enix is no longer producing anime themed Play Arts Kai. I had so much hope when they released the FMA: Brotherhood Play Arts Kai and the Bleach Play Arts Kai. I have been eagerly awaiting more Bleach Play arts or other anime play arts ever since. But those announcements haven’t come, and probably wont since the trend seems to be video games. In the past two years, they have released Bayonetta, Halo, and metal gear solid play arts with frequency!

Just recently they released Street Fighter Play Arts which I have already seen in stores! I find these figure hideous, but they do look like good representations of the street fighter characters.

Square Enix is also releasing Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil! These are both characters that I like in game franchises that I enjoy, and yet I have no desire to purchase these figures.

And what would the Play Arts line be without some Final Fantasy figures! So, of course, they are releasing Lightning and Serah from FF13-2. Since I never even finished FF13, there are no chances that I will play the sequel. But these look like nice figures with a really cool design.

The most exciting figures that have been announced are the Batman: Arkham asylum set. These look incredibly detailed and amazing. I would definitely snatch them up if I were a fan of Batman (but you guessed it, I’m not!). Despite my indifference towards Batman, that Joker and Harlequin are definitely tempting =s. Must stick to my new years resolution of only buying figures I really like…

There are also some Mass Effect 3 figures on the horizon, for those of you that are interested. So far, only prototype pictures have been released. Of course, with the public response to Mass Effect 3’s ending, producing these may have been a misstep for the company.


So basically, this was a long post of me complaining about the new products. What would I like to see? More Bleach Play Arts Kai! A re-release of the FMA play arts kai.  I would love to see Black Butler Play Arts Kai, but I know that will never happen since the show is no longer in the limelight. Any anime themed play arts Kai (and it is truly sad that I no longer know which anime shows are popular and would possibly be considered for figures…)

What do you all think? Are you going to purchase any of these? I imagine any fans of video games will be thrilled with the selection!


2 responses to “New Play Arts Kai

  1. I’m actually the opposite of you in that I’m more in touch with what animes are popular because of my figure collecting hobby. I hit up sites like TomoPop and my favorite online shop of choice AmiAmi and look at the new figures. Any ones that catch my eye cause me to look into the series on Wikipedia which may or may not lead to me watching the show.

    I share your sentiment on liking the characters but not wanting to buy their figures. Although it extends to the Batman and Street Fighter characters as well. I seem to like almost every one of these figures but I think I’ll buy a whopping zero of them. I did buy the Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja Play Arts Kai figure though.

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