Pre-Orders and upcoming goods!

Good Smile Company, otherwise known as evil wallet emptying company, has announced more new nendoroids…This wouldn’t be a problem if the designs and quality of the new nendoroids weren’t so awesome. There were only a few of the older ones that I was ever interested in, but now I want most of the upcoming ones. One lesson that I’ve learned is that I should not be left alone at the computer with my credit card. I’ve already pre-ordered three new nendoroids, yikes!

I simply could not resist the Saber full action plain clothes version (which is both limited and exclusive). I have a weakness for Saber, and now that I will have two of her nendoroids, I’m tempted to buy the rest as well =(

I also pre-ordered the Princess of the Crystal from Penguindrum. I only watched about half the series, but what I saw of it was interesting, and the nendoroid comes with penguins! Last but not least, I pre-ordered the Annelotte nendoroid from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. Queen’s Blade is one of my favorite anime shows (What? I like it for the plot…), so I figured that I should finally buy a nendoroid from it (there are many, but maybe that’s a subject for another blog post).

Other than that, GSC has announced approximately 30 new nendoroids to be released from now until October! That is a ridiculous amount to choose from, especially since there are still older ones that I haven’t bought yet =s.

Some of these seem pretty popular on the forums but I’m not familiar with the shows such as Takatsuki from Waiting in the Summer, Super Sonico, Ika Musume, Kuoryukihime from Accel World, and Sakura from Sakura Wars. These nendoroids are very eye-catching, but I’m not particularly interested in any of them.

No upcoming nendoroid list would be complete without Vocaloids. GSC has announced a new Miku Racequeen for 2012, a very boring looking Miku Familymart version, and the adorable Gakupo. I probably wont pick up any of these, but that Gakupo sure is tempting and male nendoroids are so rare.

The upcoming nendoroids that really caught my eye are Inori from Guilty Crown (possibly one of the prettiest nendoroids I’ve ever seen), Black Rock Shooter tv version, the prototype of Fate/Zero Saber (this might be a must have), and the prototype of Marika from Mouretsu Pirates. I can’t wait to see those prototypes colored ( I’d be surprised if they saw a 2012 release date though).

The number one nendoroid that I must have, however, is the Annelotte 2P version from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. I was watching the show and thought “wow it would be awesome if GSC made a nendoroid of Annelotte in her demon form”. Lo and behold, the very next day she was announced (I felt rather psychic). Tragically, she is limited and exclusive, and only available through lottery… this means buying her is going to be nearly impossible. Time to stalk used Japanese toy stores such as Mandarake.

So anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of awesome nendoroids coming out soon? Anyone else having trouble picking and choosing? Which ones are you most looking forward to?


Yune Nendoroid Acquired!

She has finally arrived! My precious Yune nendoroid from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.

This nendoroid is just dripping with cuteness! I had actually pre-ordered this from AmiAmi a while back and ended up cancelling the pre-order. The character is adorable in the anime and I really wanted her as a nendoroid until I saw the promo shots. The promo shots made this nendo look incredibly strange and somehow off. After seeing user pics of the Yune, however, I immediately regretted cancelling the order. Luckily FigureHaven got some in stock!

The problem with collecting is that once a I accumulate a large amount of the item I get rather disenchanted. I still love nendoroids, but the recent ones just haven’t held the same magic that the first 5 or 6 did. Yune has rekindled that magic! This nendoroid, despite hating the promo shots, is now my all time favorite!

New Loot! I’m Back!

School’s Out Forever!!! Yes, that’s right! Tomorrow I walk the line for my Master’s Degree. You know what that means (yes, yes  that I have a Masters), it means time to blog! Finally, I will have time to blog! Feel free to clap and welcome me back with lots of fanfare! (no? ok)

First order of business, in these past few months of hiatus for school I have acquired several new toys! One Tomoe Mami nendoroid, One sega prize Haqua (from the World God Only Knows), and two nendoroid petites (Homura and Sayaka). I also have a Yune nendoroid coming in the mail.

As far as things to look forward to, I will be reviewing all my new toys over the next few weeks (including the older ones that I never reviewed). These reviews will include nendoroids Elsie, Mami, Ikaros, Nymph, and Yune. I will also review the sega Haqua, the revoltech Wall-E, and possibly some of my friend’s Play Arts that I do not own. =) I will also be doing many nendoroid photo-shoots!