Yune Nendoroid Acquired!

She has finally arrived! My precious Yune nendoroid from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.

This nendoroid is just dripping with cuteness! I had actually pre-ordered this from AmiAmi a while back and ended up cancelling the pre-order. The character is adorable in the anime and I really wanted her as a nendoroid until I saw the promo shots. The promo shots made this nendo look incredibly strange and somehow off. After seeing user pics of the Yune, however, I immediately regretted cancelling the order. Luckily FigureHaven got some in stock!

The problem with collecting is that once a I accumulate a large amount of the item I get rather disenchanted. I still love nendoroids, but the recent ones just haven’t held the same magic that the first 5 or 6 did. Yune has rekindled that magic! This nendoroid, despite hating the promo shots, is now my all time favorite!


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