Elsie Nendoroid Review

Elsea (Elsie, Elucia…) de Lute Irma is one of the main characters from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, aka The World God Only Knows. This is an anime about a boy who plays a lot of dating sims and claims that he is a god of conquest who can conquer any 2-D girls. This leads to mistakenly forming a contract with a demon girl (Elsie) to conquer runaway spirits hiding in real girls. This show is both hilarious and rather cute.

Her nendoroid form was released on 11/24/2011 by Max Factory and is nendoroid # 184.I got this nendoroid from my good friend at Ofuda Imports =).

Box: Typical nendoroid box, nothing special here. There is a small yellow sticker in the bottom left corner on the box.

Sculpt: This nendoroid sculpt is a great representation of the character from the anime. It has captured all of her adorable innocence in a chibi plastic form. I must say there are two things that irk me about the sculpt. Her arms are really very long and her forehead seems huge. Yes nendoroids are supposed to have a huge head, but the hairstyle makes that noggin look even more gigantic! Some nice things about the sculpt include her detailed broom, “motion” arms and legs, and her shawl. Her shawl floats around her in the anime, and the sculptor managed to recreate that anti-gravity effect on the toy.

Paint: The paint on this nendoroid is nearly perfect, there are almost no bleeds and the lines are nice and clean. There’s not much shading or intricate painting on this toy but the design does not call for it. Her hair is pretty much one shade of brown while the dress is one shade of purple. The shawl is a nice almost translucent pink.

Accessories: This nendoroid comes with a normal amount of accessories (for a nendoroid). She comes with three extra faces, some extra arms and legs, her broom, and her spirit catching bottle. The nicest thing about the accessories is definitely the stand! It attaches to a hole in her back but does not have one of those annoying large square bases. I call the square bases annoying because they are not aesthetically pleasing on a shelf or in photographs. This stand instead has a clear M shaped base which sits behind the nendoroid making her look as if she is standing on the ground. Another nice thing is the extra face, many nendoroid only come with one or two extra faces as opposed to three. Also beware of the broom, it is a little difficult to get the broom handle inside her hand. I certainly will be leaving that hand attached to the broom.

Pose-ability: This nendoroid comes with a lot of posing option due to the three extra faces and the wide variety of arm and leg combinations. She has some extremely cute poses that definitely made her worth buying.

Overall: This is a good nendoroid and certainly a must have for fans of the show. I’d give her an 8 out of 10. She does not have the most accessories, nor is she the most impressive nendoroid on the shelf but she just might be one of the cutest and she does have some poses that make her hilarious. She might also be a must have nendoroid for a certain facial expression that she comes with! This face!!!!


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