September Loot

Today I received my nendoroid order for September…Initial reaction was YAY! Hell Yes!…almost immediately after however came “OMG, So expensive, and just after vacation!” “Why did they come out earlier than expected?!”

After my initial over-reactions, I was able to calm down enough to unpack my two new beauty’s. The long awaited Princess of the Crystal and Annelotte nendoroid are finally mine! They are even better than they were in the promo shots!

Without any further ado, here they are:


Los Angeles Vacation Loot

I just recently returned from a fantastic week long vacation in beautiful Los Angeles. While there, I stayed in Santa Monica, visited downtown LA and little tokyo, went to Disneyland, and of course visited some anime stores!

In Santa Monica I had the opportunity to visit Ofuda Imports! They are a strictly online store but I was able to visit their business and see their stock. I have to say they have some exciting things that they have yet to put on their website! They have a lot of anime merchandise including pencil cases, stationary, cell phone straps, and keychains. They also have a lot of trading figures, nendoroids, chibi-arts, and scaled figures! While there, I was able to purchase the Saber maid petite nendoroid. All of the items are one hundred percent legitimate. While I have my preferred sites to order from, they do have a lot of older figures and figures that are now hard to find! So keep an eye out on the website!

I also ran across a figure store called Anime Jungle while in downtown LA. They had a ton of figures! I think the last time I saw that many figures was at A-kon (the Dallas anime convention) a few years ago. It made me wish that I had so much more money. All the beautiful figures I had to leave behind makes me want to cry a little! The most surprising find was that they carried Queen’s Blade nendoroids and some of the limited color variants. I wanted them all but chose the Cattleya 2p color variant. They also had the Play Arts kai Cloud and Squall that I missed out on…but alas, there was only enough money to buy one figure. If you are in LA looking for figure shop, definitely check out Anime Jungles store front in little tokyo!

I also had some delicious food! I had ramen noodles in little tokyo from the same place that was featured in a Man vs Food episode! I didn’t eat the spicy stuff though. My big food recommendation for Santa Monica is the Sushi King! Its a little sushi bar that has been owned and operated by the same Japanese guy for thirty years. It was the first time that I ever tried the market price items at a sushi bar. I must say toro (fatty tuna) lives up to the hype! It was delicious. I also tried Spanish mackerel sushi which I highly recommend. The most expensive item that I tried was fresh sea urchin sushi! Sea urchin literally melts in your mouth, and I mean liquifies!

I also bought my first Japanese doll at a store called Puzzle Zoo at the 3rd street promenade of Santa Monica. I bought a little pullip doll! I was really surprised to find that the store carried some pullips and some tayeng dolls despite being  a regular toy store. All in all it was a pretty magical vacation with more loot than I’ve gotten in a while.



Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Acquired

Hey everybody!

It’s been a while. Recently I got nendoroid #33 Miku Hatsune. I am not a big Miku fan and would have normally never purchased this nendoroid but it was on raffle at a local store! I spent $20 dollars on raffle tickets and won :D. For $20, I’d say this nendoroid was totally worth it!

This nendoroid was recently re-released and can still be found in a lot of online store for $50-$60. Figure Haven still has a few in stock as well. With as much as I promote their site (I can’t help it, its my favorite anime toy store), maybe they should reward me with a free figure ;). Only joking of course, but it would be nice.

As cute as original Miku is, HMO Miku is still the apple of my eye (when it comes to Miku’s at least).

This new miku did have an unintended consequence for my collection…I now need a new tackle box to store nendo parts in. I have at least 3 more nendo’s on the way in fall and possibly more depending on if I give in to this addiction or not. My tackle boxes are overflowing…

Nendoroid Saber Complete File Acquired!

Finally, it arrived! The gigantic orange box that I have been waiting for (cue heavenly music). My first limited edition nendoroid; Saber plain clothes with Complete file!

Yes the nendoroid comes with a Complete file. When I ordered her, I neither knew nor cared what that was. Now that I have it, I know that it is a book that features all of the currently released nendoroids in it! I’m almost more excited about the book than I am about the nendoroid. This nendoroid is pretty awesome but not the cutest nor the best looking nendoroid on my shelf. But she is Saber (and I love Saber).

The book is organized into sections of nendoroid type instead of listing the nendoroids in chronological release order. The first section is vocaloids, then anime characters, game characters, and so on and so forth. The book also contains interviews with industry insiders :D. Sadly, I don’t read Japanese (*cries*). I may not be able to read anything in the book but it is really pretty to look at, and generally awesome.

And here she is, the gal of the hour, Saber nendoroid plain clothes version;

More photos and a review to come soon (yes the dreaded soon, once I finish my other nendoroid reviews)

Yune Nendoroid Acquired!

She has finally arrived! My precious Yune nendoroid from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.

This nendoroid is just dripping with cuteness! I had actually pre-ordered this from AmiAmi a while back and ended up cancelling the pre-order. The character is adorable in the anime and I really wanted her as a nendoroid until I saw the promo shots. The promo shots made this nendo look incredibly strange and somehow off. After seeing user pics of the Yune, however, I immediately regretted cancelling the order. Luckily FigureHaven got some in stock!

The problem with collecting is that once a I accumulate a large amount of the item I get rather disenchanted. I still love nendoroids, but the recent ones just haven’t held the same magic that the first 5 or 6 did. Yune has rekindled that magic! This nendoroid, despite hating the promo shots, is now my all time favorite!

New Loot! I’m Back!

School’s Out Forever!!! Yes, that’s right! Tomorrow I walk the line for my Master’s Degree. You know what that means (yes, yes  that I have a Masters), it means time to blog! Finally, I will have time to blog! Feel free to clap and welcome me back with lots of fanfare! (no? ok)

First order of business, in these past few months of hiatus for school I have acquired several new toys! One Tomoe Mami nendoroid, One sega prize Haqua (from the World God Only Knows), and two nendoroid petites (Homura and Sayaka). I also have a Yune nendoroid coming in the mail.

As far as things to look forward to, I will be reviewing all my new toys over the next few weeks (including the older ones that I never reviewed). These reviews will include nendoroids Elsie, Mami, Ikaros, Nymph, and Yune. I will also review the sega Haqua, the revoltech Wall-E, and possibly some of my friend’s Play Arts that I do not own. =) I will also be doing many nendoroid photo-shoots!


Christmas Loot 2011

It seems that during the semester when I’m busy, I would love nothing more than to blog. But now that I have free time, getting around to blogging takes a while.

Here is my Christmas loot! Did I get everything I wanted from my wishlist? not even close! Did I want and love everything I got? Heck yes! So I received nendoroid Ikaros, nendo Nymph, revoltech Wall-E, Create-a-Monster Monster High bee girl, skeleton girl, triclops, and dragon/werewolf pack. Did I get things other than toys for Christmas? Of course! but they are not relevant to this blog.

Funny story about the nendoroids Ikaros and Nymph. I had pre-ordered these lovelies back in the summer when they first were available for pre-order. I waited for them for a very long time, through a stressful semester, and the nendoroids release being delayed a month. When they finally shipped to my parents house (I never ship to mine because I don’t trust my mail man), my parents took the toys hostage! They decided to give me my own order for Christmas! Lol. Sweet thought since they did not know what to get me. Now I have the money to order two more nendoroids that I would not have ordered otherwise.

I also got a Steiff penguin stuffed animal, but forgot to take a picture of it.